Know Everything About Hidden Cache Files and Data

Here's everything you need to know about Hidden Cache.
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Files in the form of evils grab the entire Storage. Hidden Cache on Android is the WORST thing that could ever happen. This article is All about What hidden cache is, View this data, and How to delete it. And also some Frequently asked questions about this topic.

Sounds evil? Then it’s not.

This article will discuss everything you need to know about the Hidden Cache.

Below’s what we are discussing Today.

But let’s do this in Backdroid Style.

Hidden Cache is none other than Smartphones default cached files. The only difference is it’s created without the user’s knowledge. These Secret cache files could take tons of Storage and eventually make the Smartphone quite bulky.

Hidden cache

Hidden Cache, This you haven’t heard before

The hidden cache is the same as the default cache.

It’s just we who named it.

The difference between them is Cache and Hidden Cache, just like the iPhone 13 pro and 13 PRO MAX!

So, If you hear this for the first time, Be calm.

This is normal if the device stores many temporary files, which are hidden caches.

just for you backdroid gif

One Example of a Hidden cache is:

Whenever the device is restarted, it is noticeable that it lags a lot for a few seconds, and the frame drops.


Because It d… I will later tell you below. Kindly read a few paras.

Ways to Clear or Delete Hidden Cached Files/data

There are three ways to do it to clear the SO EVIl cache and also known as the secret cache.

  1. Using third-party apps.
  2. Restarting Device.
  3. Manually (The best way).

Clean Secret cached files using third-party apps

before you go gif

There are many cleaning apps available. Before searching for one, remember that the Google Play store recently removed more than seven cleaning and performance-boosting apps that Google play caught doing illegal things.

But if you have to Boost your performance, then DO READ this GOLDEN BLOG.

Apps to use

Here is my recommendation use:

  • Files by Google.
  • CCleaner.
files by google
use a cleaner app to fix lag android

To Clear Hidden Cache by Restarting

This is my favorite method to Delete private cached data.

Restart Phone

What to do?

Nothing especially. Just restart the Smartphone, which will automatically clean it.

PART LEFT ABOVE: Because It deletes all the Cached and hidden cached files. Restarting flushes the whole hiddenly stored junk files. That’s why when the phone restarts, it lags for a few seconds because this is the hidden cache that runs the device smoother and faster.

Manual Method

To do the entire thing manually. We already have an article that shows how to do it.

For now, here is a link below with some of the steps.

  • Open the settings.
  • Scroll & Select Storage.
  • In this menu, Tap on Phone storage (Internal Storage)
  • Tap on Cached Data > Then tap on delete.

Could you read the entire article here: Click Me?

Steps to View Hidden Cache

To check or to view the Hiddenly cached files:

  1. Open the Settings.
  2. Select Storage in settings.
  3. Now tap on Internal Storage.
  4. Here, Tap on Cache.

This will let the user know the Total size of cached files stored on the device.

However, this will also let the user know about his Storage.

Like What kind of files are used the most space (Audio, Video, or APKs) are taking space. Also read: APK? What it is, Insider truth.

Storage analysis functionality is proper when users need to clear or save the Storage like a pro.

Now take some of the FAQs that users on the internet are asking.

Some exciting answers with externally useful queries are below. MUST READ.

Answering Some Question

Q: Is it safe to delete a hidden cache?

Ans: Yes, Deleting the hidden cached files is entirely safe. There’s no harm in it.

Q: What is hidden cache junk?

Ans: The Junk files stored without the user’s knowledge are called Hidden Cache.

Q: How to find hidden cache files?

Ans: To find the Hidden/Secret cached files, Open the mobile settings > Storage > Internal Storage > Cached files.

This article is all you need to know about the Hidden Cache or the Secret cache on Android and iOS.

The basic meaning of Hidden cache is the same for all devices like Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

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