How to Hide apps on Android [Step-by-step] Guide

Hide Apps on Android: This thing happens with me mostly when I want to hide some of my apps from the App list because there are many reasons but mainly it’s Insecurity or Your siblings want to play a Game for Long time.

But mostly people may use an App lock but when the Parents see a lock on some of our apps then many things happen ;).

Today in this post I’m gonna show you the Top 3 Ways to Hide apps on Android that can really help you.

How to hide apps on Android

Here are the best Ways to hide apps & games on Android devices with both methods with and without apps and also by using mobile Settings. In fact without Disabling any app in all the smartphones Even if you are Using a MI, OnePlus, Samsung or any device.

Hide Apps using This way in Any Device

This method is still didn’t covered by anyone and also you won’t get this Technique to hide apps in anywhere. It’s completely new.

Now let’s get Started: 

  • First of all, check is there any Game booster nowadays that is pre-installed on most of the devices like Realme, Xiaomi etc.
Best way to hide apps
  • Add any app to the Game booster.
Hide app
  • Third step: go to the Settings of Game booster then turn on the “Hide apps&games from the app list”. Then you have done.
Hide Apps & Games icons on home screen

If your phone doesn’t have the Game Booster

Above technique can work on most of the devices but, if the game space app is not on your device then you have to download any other app from the playstore.

Download from here.

Hide apps on Android with a Launcher app

You won’t believe I tried this more than 10 times to hide some of Games like PUBG Mobile. But you can use this technique to hide apps on your phone.

  • Install any Android Launcher And Nova Launcher is Recommended by Us because it is easy to use.
  • Long press on any app or game then click on edit Button then you can rename it and also you can change the Icons into Settings or any app.
Hide apps on Android

Hide apps using AppLock Apps

So finally the last way to do that is Using an Applock App or APK for your device and I will recommend you to use these apps to get the Best protection.

  • Note: You have to add a lock then you can hide apps using this
  1. Applock- Fingerprint

We tried 5-10 applock apps but this is the best then Suddenly I remember that I used the same applocker a few years back. 

Features of this: 

  • Fastest Fingerprint AppLock
  • Easy to use and Completely optimize

Download this.

  1. AppLock Pro for Pro people

AppLock Pro is one of the popular app lockers that can lock your apps or photos easily without any Technical Knowledge or support.

Features of this applocker

  • Easy to use and User friendly
  • You can Customise the temes and colour

Download this.

Hopefully you have got the 4 Ways to Hide apps on Android. If you have any doubts let me know in the comment below. Now enjoy your privacy by hiding your apps.

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