How to Hide Category on Instagram; The Most convenient way!

Want to hide the category on Instagram? Here is how to hide Instagram categories like digital creator, a business, organization, and many more. 

Instagram categories are very useful. It determines your profile type whether you are a business or a digital creator or a founder. 

But what about if you want to hide this category and don’t want to show it on your profile. So in this article, I am gonna teach you exactly how to hide a category on an Instagram profile. 

Using this method you can still use the Instagram business account and you will be able to hide the category label on Instagram. 

Let’s get started. 

How to Hide Category on Instagram | Hide Category Label Instagram

Below is the complete procedure to hide the category label on Instagram whether you are a digital creator or a business you can hide any category label on insta. 

  • 1. Open the profile on app.

    In the first step, you need to open the Instagram app. Then tap on your profile at the bottom. 

  • 2. Tap on Edit Profile.

    The next step is to tap on the edit profile button. Now a completely new menu wake up will appear in this menu tap on the profile display which is at the bottom. 

  • 3. Select Profile Display.

    In the profile display menu you will find the display category toggle button to turn on or turn-off. 

  • 4. Turn off display category.

    Turn off the display category it will automatically hide the category on your Instagram profile. More broadly, nobody can see your Instagram label whether you are a great or a business. In this way, you can hide the Instagram category. 


That is how you can hide the Instagram profile category. It is the easiest way to do it however you can switch your account to the normal account and all the insights, the promotional tools will be disabled. But using this method you can hide the Instagram profile label easily without any hassle. 

I hope you found this Instagram tutorial useful if yes then make sure to share this article on social media. 

This website is completely based on Instagram and we generally talk about Instagram tutorials, faqs, and many more. 

Today I showed you how to hide Instagram profile labels. Have a nice day and have fun. 

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