How to Block Someone from Seeing your Instagram story? They can’t see your story anymore! 2022

Block Someone from Seeing your Instagram story: You might be tense and worrying about someone watching your stories each day but you don’t want it! 

Here is how to block Instagram stories especially for someone so that they can’t see them. 

Hide Instagram Story from Someone

This question being asked by Priyanka: how to block someone from seeing your Instagram stories? My ex is watching all my stories each day. That’s too annoying. I don’t want to block him but also don’t want to share stories with him, please let me know how to do it. 

The good news is Instagram allows us to block someone or any particular person from seeing our Instagram stories. Is it amazing? let’s dive into the tutorial

How to Block Someone from Seeing your Instagram story!

Now a tutorial that you could follow to block your Instagram stories in that way they can’t be seen by specifically those people whom you restrict. However, they didn’t know that you had uploaded a new story because Instagram doesn’t notify them whenever you restrict them from watching your stories. 

  • 1. Search for the person to Hide your Stories from

    This is the first time you need to open an Instagram app. Now, first of all, you should decide all those people from home you need to restrict your stories from so they can’t see your IG stories. After deciding this move on to the search bar and search for the person’s username. 

    In my case, I am searching for Ruchi Kashyap, who is my sister. You also have search the person name to block watching my Instagram stories! 

    After searching the username tap on it. 

  • 2. Select Hide Your Story

    Now the second step is to tap on the three dots on the top right-hand side and a menu will appear from the bottom. 

    There will be a few options you need to tap on to hide your story. This hide your story option allows us to hide Instagram stories from that particular person. 

  • 3. Confirm Your Action to Hide Story

    Confirm the hide, by tapping on hide button. Then instagram won’t show your stories to the person you selected.


When you do this now that person can’t see Instagram stories whenever you add a new story. 

However, some people will not get this option because they have not updated their Instagram app. Make sure to update the Instagram app to get this “hide your story” tab.

There is another option that will hide all your Instagram post stories and upload them from their side. However, they won’t even be notified about it. It’s just like another version of blocking someone on Instagram. 

And didn’t even know about it that you have blocked her or him. Wait a minute what I said “blocked” right? 

A recent detailed article on how to know if someone blocked you on Instagram must check this out. 

This way you can restrict people from watching your Instagram stories or hide your Instagram stories from someone. 

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