How can I undo a picture someone edited?

If you have a question about how you can undo a picture someone edited, is it possible or not? Everything is discussed in this detailed article. 

Some people edit their photos a lot and it’s hard to find what they look like. 

One of my friends edited his picture into HDR and there are many options out there and edited his photo into something that doesn’t make any sense. 

At that moment I got a question: how can I undo the picture that someone edited? 

So I research a lot about it…

And guess what? I found nothing about it. 

Like I went through YouTube, Google, and all the other social platforms like Reddit.

But what I find is that you can’t undo anyone’s edited photo. 

We can only undo a picture when the picture has been edited on your phone. Other than that there is no way to undo any edited photo. Thinking about how to undo someone’s edited picture then it’s completely impossible until and unless you have the device. 

I hope this article will be helpful for you and teach you a lot. I am Kunal the founder of this website is completely dedicated to Instagram. Instagram-related FAQs, how tos, and guides. 

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