How do celebrities deal with Instagram notifications?

Curious people are great. A question has been asked recently: how do celebrities deal with Instagram notifications? 

How do Celebrities Deal with Instagram Notifications

We all are normal people. We don’t have the reach on social media but what about the CELEBRITIES? There are thousands of people following them in a second. How do celebrities deal with Instagram notifications? 

The celebrity generally turns off the notification of the app. They go into the Instagram settings and disable the notifications. In that way, Instagram won’t notify if someone likes, comments, tags, or follows them on Instagram. 

How do Celebrities Manage Instagram Notifications

Suppose if you become a celebrity you must have to disable the notifications because every second there are hundreds of people following you and you will be frustrated from it because the moment when you get fame the fame comes with the price. 

You will start getting thousands of likes, followers comments, and photo tags. You have to disable the notification because you can’t see all the notifications every day. Instagram Keeps Crashing; While posting;story, reel, pic.

So, Instagram celebrities disable the notifications. They get into the Instagram settings notification then disable all the notifications and alerts. Now Instagram App won’t notify them or show the notification if someone follows them or performs any activity related to them. 

I hope you got the answer to how Instagram celebrities deal with notifications. 

Have a nice day, enjoy, and if you become an Instagram celebrity, what’s the first thing you wanna do? Let me know in the comments.

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