How many people can you follow on Instagram? But here’s the catch!

If you ever went through this question, how many people can you follow on Instagram? Will Instagram ban you for following a lot of people? 

Recently someone asked: there are many people that I admire. What should I do? Should I follow them? What will happen? How many people can I follow on Instagram? 

A lot of questions or it’s a kind of rapid-fire round where I am gonna answer all the queries asked by MS Jennifer. 

So here is how many people can you follow on Instagram? Is there any limit for following people on insta? 

How many people can you follow on Instagram?

Instagram never limits people to follow but you can only follow up to 7500 on a normal account. In fact, you can follow thousands of accounts on Instagram. But if someone follows thousands of accounts in a day then it sounds suspicious, which results in Instagram will limit the account or maybe ban it. 

Even though I had followed hundreds of Instagram accounts, nothing happened. 

If someone uses an AI or a bot to follow thousands of accounts and if all the activities happen in several days then it sounds suspicious and Instagram can ban that account. 

So you can easily follow thousands(7500) of Instagram accounts but remember, do not follow all those accounts in a single day. You can easily follow 50-100 accounts in a day on Instagram. However, doing this regularly can limit your account or can restrict it. 

But never use an app to follow all the great people because using an app can ban your Instagram account and Instagram can delete your account. 

I hope I can solve your queries about how many people you can follow on Instagram. So let me summarise everything that I talked about in this article. Also Read: What does Instagram handle mean? | What is Instagram Handle?.

How many profiles can you Follow on Instagram

Instagram allows us to follow 7500 accounts. However, following thousands of profiles in a day can restrict the account. Moreover, It is safe to follow 50-80 accounts in a day. If using an app to follow or unfollow then Instagram can restrict that account, so the account will be a shallow ban that results in that IG account can’t be used for upto 3 months. 

Instagram Following Limit

You can only follow 7,500 instagram accounts after this mark user will get error messages. Anyone who tries to follow more than 7,500 people will see an error message, regardless of how many followers they have.

There’s 7,500 people limit from Instagram to follow. You can follow as much as you want. However, Instagram can limit your account if you follow a lot of accounts in a day. It is completely safe to follow an account by yourself, not by apps and softwares. 

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