Change WhatsApp Fonts Style: Chats, Status

WhatsApp Text Formatting: If you want to Change Your WhatsApp Fonts then join me with this blog post until it’s end.

Have you guys bored of the common WhatsApp Font on your mobile phone that you see everyday? Of course yes and I am also bored of  that. I want something crazy or something Stylish.

In this WhatsApp Guide I’m going to show you how to change WhatsApp font or how to change font in WhatsApp in any smartphone whether it’s Realme, Motorola, Samsung, MI, Infinix, Techno and many more.

From this

before changing font in whatsapp

To this

applying new font

How to Change WhatsApp Fonts Style – With An App

So before I start make sure that you follow the correct steps that I am gonna show you right now, so read it carefully let’s dive in.

However changing WhatsApp font is just that easy. What you need to do is to follow the three basic steps to get a stylish and awesome font.

1. Here is the first step toward those awesome fonts first of all you need to go to the Google Play Store and download a app called z font and let it install on your device

  • After this app gets installed on your Android device open it quickly
  • Grant all the permissions which the app required
  • Scroll a little bit down and you will see a stylish option which is actually Fonts.
  • Click on the see all button to see all the fonts
  • Choose any font that you liked, click on it and download it
downloading font for whatsapp

Woh! here the first step completes, congratulations you are too closer to those stylish fonts.


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2. Let’s quickly move on to our second step

  • Click on the apply button
  • Now you will get a pop up you need to set up few things
zfont app setup
  • When click install button and install that font
  • Now go to your mobile settings language and regions
  • Switch your region to Myanmar

And don’t worry about the reason that you are setting for those phones it won’t affect you, should I just set it to Myanmar and follow the next day that I am gonna show you below

changing the font

3. Now we’re too closer to a goal let’s move onto the last step change the fonts

  • Again go to a mobile settings
  • Find the display settings
  • Scroll a bit down you will get a option of support dai characters
  • When you turn it on then a magic will happen

And the magic is you will get your font and you can install as many as fonts on your Android Device.

So that’s it guys this is how you can change font in WhatsApp without rooting your Android device.

Today I showed you 3 simple steps to change your WhatsApp font style completely and let me know in the comments which type of font you like the most? Have a nice day.

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