How to Find Screenshots on Android

3 Ways to see where the screenshots are saved on Android.
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Want to find screenshots on Android that you have captured, and then this article will be helpful because it has three simple steps to find where the screen capture, AKA screenshots, are stored.

It can be followed on any Android device to find where the screen captures are saved.

According to an interesting fact, Android introduced screenshots in 2011. However, iPhone introduced screenshots as a function in 2007.

Let’s dive into the article without investing any more time.

How to Find ScreenShots on Android

Below sharing the entire procedure to follow to get into the sections of it.

1. Open the Gallery or the photos app.

gallery app icon

2. Tap on albums from the bottom bar.

albums icon highlighted in the mobile gallery

3. In this window, look for the Screenshots album and select it.

screenshot album in gallery app

4. You will see all the screenshots captured in one place.

all the screenshots at one place in mobile gallery

You will find the screenshots attached below for every single step. However, the menu will only look the same for the users of Samsung because Samsung has a gallery that works the same on any smartphone.

But the technique is quite different for those who use Google photos or any other app, so to learn more about it, read below.

Moreover, there are tons of ways to look for screenshots on an android. One of the ways consists of using a file manager app and even the download manager of Android.

To Find the Screenshots captured on Google Photos App

I will now show you the method on the google photos app. If you don’t have it, download or update it from here.

But the steps are different; they warry from device to device. More broadly, if you have logged in to a photos app with your google account, it would show you some additional options.

1. Open the Google photos app.

google photos app

2. Scroll and find screenshots named album.

google photos app camera album which includes all the screenshots in it

3. Select it.

4. Now, you will see all the screenshots captured in one place.

But what if you have logged into the Photos app?

Use This When Logged In

1. Open the Photos app.

google photos app

2. Tap on Library from the Bottom bar.

google photos app library icon

3. Find and Select the Camera album.

google photos app camera album which includes all the screenshots in it

This is the procedure to follow.

But now, let’s see the final method to see where the screenshots are stored on your device.

Find Screenshots Using File Manager

Below is the last way to find screenshots using the android file manager because every file stored is stored on internal Storage, sometimes in external Storage, such as an SD card.

1. Open the File manager.

File manager from the apps list

2. Tap on Internal Storage.

internal storage marked in file manager of android

3. Find and select the DCIM folder.

DCIM folder in my file (file manager)

4. Select a screenshot from the given folders.

myfiles screenshot folder

5. It will show you all the screenshots.

all the screenshots in file manager

That’s it, and this is how to know where the screen captures are stored.

Easiest Way To Do It

Moreover, suppose you open the gallery, google photos, or any photos app. It will automatically list the new media files (which include pictures, videos, downloads, and screenshots) on the top.

So, when you have clicked the screenshot, you have to open the photos app, then it will show you the recently taken screenshot.

Also, I have linked to some helpful resources which will guide you through the same thing.


That’s it for the tutorial today. I showed you how to find screenshots on Android, with all the methods and ways to do it.

Moreover, I would include a video from learn and solve with backdroid, which shows the same steps and techniques in video format.

This way, you can understand things faster and more efficiently.

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