How to increase Font size in WhatsApp on Android

Increase Font Size in WhatsApp: Do you use Whatsapp? Of course what a silly question it was. Nowadays everyone is using WhatsApp whether It’s a Kid or an aged man. 

But 67% of the people don’t bother to change their font size in their Whatsapp Messenger and that’s why they had to face an Eye Strain.

Here is a Fact that: Reading small print can damage your eyes or wear them out – Though reading in a fine print may cause eye strain, there is no evidence that doing so will damage the eyes. Source: Opto.

Today I’m going to show you “How to increase font size in Whatsapp” in just a few clicks so let’s get straight into the Whatsapp Guide.

How to increase Font size in Whatsapp

So this is a complete guide to increase your font size in your WhatsApp messenger to get a smooth feel of it.

before and after changing font size
BEFORE & AFTER Changing the text/font size in whatsapp

Change font size in Whatsapp

  • Open your Whatsapp Messenger
whatsapp home screen
  • Go to the settings of WhatsApp by clicking on Three dots in the top right side.
whatsapp settings
  • Now tap on the chats option
whatsapp chats setting
  • Now find the Font size Option in whatsapp chats setting
font size in whatsapp
  • Tap on Font size and then select as your comfort whether it’s small or large.
select any font size

Personally I prefer medium font size in WhatsApp chats because I feel comfortable in it, So test those sizes in Whatsapp and see which is best for you.

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Hope so you finally change your WhatsApp font size into a larger One. Have a Nice day.

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