How to increase Font size in WhatsApp on Android

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Increase Font Size in WhatsApp: Do you use Whatsapp? Of course, what a silly question it was. Nowadays, everyone is using WhatsApp, whether It’s a Kid or an aged man. 

But 67% of the people don’t bother to change their font size in their Whatsapp Messenger, so they had to face an Eye Strain.

Here is a Fact: Reading small print can damage your eyes or wear them out – Though reading in the fine print may cause eye strain, no evidence will damage the eyes—source: Opto.

Today I’m going to show you “How to increase font size in Whatsapp” in just a few clicks, so let’s get straight into the Whatsapp Guide.

Learn to change the Font size in BackDroid Style.

Tap on Three dots from the WhatsApp home screen → Tap settings → Here, Select the Chats → Tap on Font size → Select any font size.

How to increase Font size on Whatsapp

So this is a complete guide to increasing your font size in your WhatsApp messenger to get a smooth feel.

before and after changing font size in the WhatsApp
BEFORE & AFTER Changing the text/font size in WhatsApp

To Change font size in WhatsApp

Below is the process to increase or change the font size to your preferred one.

There are three main font sizes available. The first is small, then medium, and the third is large. Select according to your comfort.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp

whatsapp home screen where green circle highlighting the three dots on top right hand side

Open your Whatsapp Messenger

Step 2: Open WhatsApp settings

Green rectangular box highlighting the whatsapp settings tab

Go to the settings of WhatsApp by clicking on the Three dots on the top right side.

Step 3: Select Chats

Green rectangular box highlighting the whatsapp chats setting

Now tap on the chats option

Step 4: Tap on Font Size

font size in whatsapp

Now find the Font size Option in WhatsApp chats setting

Step 5: Select a comfortable size

select any font size in the whatsapp

Tap on Font size and then select as your comfort, whether small or large.

I prefer medium font sizes in WhatsApp chats because I feel comfortable in them, So test those sizes on Whatsapp and see which is best for you.

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This process tells you how to change the font size of WhatsApp completely. Or to increase or decrease the text size of WhatsApp. The change in font size would be applicable everywhere in WhatsApp, including the WhatsApp settings, text box, sent and received messages, and the WhatsApp status menu.

Above, we have shared the 5-step procedure to do change the font size.

I hope you finally change your WhatsApp font size to a larger One. Have a Nice day.

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