Know if someone blocked you on WhatsApp ; without messaging them

Are you confused whether you are blocked by someone on WhatsApp or not? Then here are 4 ways to check if you are blocked or not.
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Today I am gonna show you How to Know If Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp? So here are the 4 easy ways to know whether you are blocked or not.

WhatsApp is one of the best Messenger Apps that everyone uses. Do you chat with your friends using WhatApp? If you are using it, sometimes a moment comes and you think I’m blocked by someone and we get super serious about How to know if someone blocked you on WhatsApp

And sometimes this moment comes with us but at that time we don’t know how to deal with that.

How to know if someone blocked You on WhatsApp?

So let’s get started with the first step to know whether he / she blocked you on WhatsApp. 

1. Tick Tocks 

If you use WhatsApp to chat with your friends and family and you know there is a double tick when a message is delivered and has been seen by the other person but what if if you send a message and you get only one tick for sometime or even days.

checking whether blocked by someone or not

If the exact scenario is happening with you that means there is a little possibility that someone blocked you on WhatsApp. Before you go check all the four steps to know no the accurate answer. Also read: How to record WhatsApp video call

2. Last seen

When you are blocked by someone then you can’t see their last seen or online status in whatsapp.

3. Vanished

We all like to click pictures and sometimes we add status on WhatsApp and main DP / profile picture on WhatsApp account so that everyone can see who saved our number. 

If someone blocked you on WhatsApp then their profile pictures and their added status won’t be shown to you. In other words you can’t see their profile and status. 

if you are blocked by someone you can't see his or her profile

To check whether you are blocked or not try this: check from your friends/ family members phone by saving his or her number into their phone if you see his or her profile from others phone then that means you are blocked.

4. Can’t talk now 

WhatsApp is not just a messaging app but you can even make video calls and audio calls from it. Everyday millions of people use WhatsApp to video call or to voice call their family and friends. And that will be our third point to know if someone blocked you or not.

If you are thinking that a particular person blocked you try to call him first try to audio call him if a call is not reached or just show you calling that instead of ringing that means you are blocked. Read: How to share live location in WhatsApp

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Advice for you if you are blocked by someone on WhatsApp

If about three things happened with you that means you are blocked by that person and it’s bad news. Now I want to give you advice as a friend. I know you don’t want it but try to talk with your friend face to face and give it some time to calm down. 

So that’s it for today guys! this is how you can check if someone blocked you on WhatsApp or not. We have created a whole WhatsApp Guide where you can get all WhatsApp tutorials and everything about WhatsApp. Let me know in the comments, what is the importance of that person who blocked you on WhatsApp. Expressing your feelings can calm you down so express it no one judges it.

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