How to Record WhatsApp Video Calls With Audio Android

Record WhatsApp Video Calls: Sometimes we need to record these video calls for informative purposes. In case you are a student and your teacher is solving a very important doubt to you then how could you remember that, so for this you need to Whatsapp record video calls.

Reason could be anything but use this wisely. But the solution is Backdroid. We are here just for you. 

We are working on the WhatsApp Guide and this is a part of it.

Today I am gonna show you how to record WhatsApp video calls with audio on any Android device.

Is recording a video call on WhatsApp legal? 

This is the major question that came into our mind when we thought about recording any video call.

In some countries this thing is not allowed but in some countries it is allowed to record any WhatsApp video call for informative purposes. In other words you can record them like to make it memorable, online notes or any kind of interview.

Note: use it wisely, we are not responsible for anything.

How to record WhatsApp video calls?

Before You Rush over to Record WhatApp Video call let me tell you one thing is that to read the full process to record WhatsApp video calls with audio you need to follow the exact steps that I am gonna tell you below.

Now Record WhatApp Video Calls in Any Android device

First of all you need to download an application called AZ screen recorder, wait before you go and download the app because you need to set some options in this app.

  1. Open AZ screen recorder 
  2. Go to the app settings
  3. Scroll a bit down and you will see a option called “Audio Source”
  4. Now set the audio source to “internal audio”
record video calls with audio

Now you are all set, you will see a popup with a Video icon like this: 

So before you start making video calls to anyone make sure to click on that pop up and then on that video icon that you can see right below this line.

how to record screen

Last few steps to Record video call

  • Open recorder app > Start recording
  • Now go to WhatsApp > Video Call anyone
  • After the call, close the screen recording app.
live recording whatsapp video call

Gotcha! This is how you actually can record WhatsApp video calls on any smartphone.

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Sometimes we all need to record video calls like I have recorded video calls in which my teacher is explaining a concept to me so I recorded that.

Hopefully that’s it for today guys. Today I showed you how to record WhatsApp video calls with audio in any Android device and let me know in the comments which phone you are using

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