How to Remove Key Icon On Android phone

Here's a tutorial to remove the key icon from an Android phone. A step-by-step tutorial. Includes all the screenshots and videos.
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Here’s the tutorial about removing the key icon from your Android device. It is the most common issue among all the issues of VPNs.

When using the VPN or when the VPN is connected to any server, Android notifies that the user is using the VPN service and has access to the internet with other IPs.

But what if it is stuck on the notification, and the key icon keeps showing even when you are not using VPN anymore?

This is the most common issue on Samsung android devices. However, this tutorial can be super helpful if you suffer from this.

thumbnail to remove the key icon on android

So, there could be two reasons to see this: first, you are using the VPN and don’t want the VPN icon on the top, or second, you have disconnected the VPN, but still, the Key icon is showing on the Android notification bar.

What Is The Key Icon On My Android Phone?

The key icon on android means that VPN is running in the background and the VPN has access to some other server and IPs. Whenever the VPN is turned on, the user might see a key symbol on the top bar.

connecting vpn dialouge box

The key symbol indicates the Virtual Private Network is working, and your device is using other IPs from somewhere else.

When any VPN wants to set up a VPN connection to monitor network traffic. Only accept if you trust the source.

🔑 appears at the top of your screen when VPN is active.

Step-by-step procedure to Hide or remove Key (VPN) Icon

Below I’m sharing all the steps that are needed to be followed by you.

1. Open the mobile settings.

Smartphone Settings icon highlighted with yellow and teal color

2. Select the connection from the settings.

connection menu in mobile settings

3. Tap on More connection settings.

more connection settings pointed in connection menu

4. Then select VPN from the given options.

VPN option in more connection settings

5. Tap on the settings icon on the right side of Samsung Max.

samsung max vpn in settings VPN Profile

6. Lastly, delete the VPN profile.

delete vpn profile image with a red arrow pointing on it

How to Remove VPN (key symbol) without Disconnecting VPN

Now, here’s something that most users usually suffer with: The VPN app shows the key symbol on the notification bar, but most users want the symbol and hide it.

That’s why below, I’ll share some unique methods to hide VPN keys on android.

Before you start, make sure you have started the VPN app/service on your smartphone.

  1. Open the smartphone settings.
  2. Enable the developer mode and get into it.
  3. Find and select demo mode.
  4. Finally, enable it.

It will hide the key icon from the top notification bar.

What is demo mode?

When a user buys a new device, the demo mode is pre-default enabled, which shows how the notification panel would look when the Wi-Fi, Internet, and Bluetooth are connected.

If demo mode is enabled, the key icon, which indicates VPN is running, will be hidden and not shown anywhere on the quick panel and notification bar.

The best way to get rid of the VPN icon is to enable the demo mode from the android developer mode.


In Today’s article, I showed you how to hide the VPN icon or the key symbol. Also shared what demo mode is and where the key icon is shown. So, this question is being asked by Jakab, who emailed us and told us to provide a solution.

If you have any queries, be open to asking in the comments. Also, you can ask any of your queries about it and then email us.

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