How to Send picture Via Text Messages On Any Android

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Many of you wonder how to send a picture via text message on Android.

Today’s article is dedicated to sending pictures by using the messages app. This tutorial is for every Android owner brand doesn’t matter here. I am doing it on Samsung. You can follow this on any smartphone. I have attached screenshots from other brands, such as Motorola and Huawei.

Android has various methods to send images, but one of the convenient ways to send pictures is via text messages.

So without investing any more seconds into the introduction.

How to send a picture via text messages on any Android smartphone

Below is the dedicated guide. Follow all these steps. I have attached all the screenshots, and so I will link the video from Learn and Solve with Backdroid so it will guide you way better.

Step 1: Open the Messages App

messages app highlighted from homescreen

Open any messaging app you use on your smartphone, not WhatsApp or Instagram, but the default one where you receive messages from your sim card.

all the sent and received text in the messages app

In most cases, if you are an Android user, you might use the Google messages app to open it.

Step 2: Select a contact. 

starting a new conversation from messages app

When you get into the messages by tapping on the below start a conversation button, that looks like a message pop-up.

Below you can see the image. You have to tap on this icon.

start conversation icon from google messages app

You will see all your saved contacts and groups when tapping them.

Moreover, Google messages also send or start conversations using emails.

Merely select a contact or any person to send a picture via text.

Step 3: Tap on the media icon

Now, you will enter the chat box menu to tap the media icon, which looks like a camera within the gallery icon.

media icon highlighted on messages app to attacth images

Top on it, and you will see all your device’s recent photos. Also, you can use your camera to capture a live photo and then send it via text message.

when clicked attach media from texting app

So here I am, selecting any image to send to this contact.

selected an image to send via text

Moreover, Google messages allow you to send multiple photos with text.

Step 4: Hit the send

here's the sent image using text via MMS

The last thing you need to do is tap on the send MMS button because initially, when you start texting someone or just writing things out, it will send it as text, but when you select an image, it will become an MMS.

Now here is the complete differentiation between SMS and MMS.

What A Received Text With Image Message Looks Like

Now in the few images below, you can see that I have received images via text, and as you can see, there are multiple options.

recevied text mms with image on messages app
how a received text with image looks like
additional options when i clicked on image

When you tap on the images, there is an option to download the image and edit the image and also to reach anyone else using any other application.

Difference Between SMS and MMS While Sending Images Via Text

SMS (Short Message Service) and MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) are popular ways of sending messages via mobile devices—the main difference lies in the type of content they can send.

before you go gif

SMS is a text-only service that typically allows users to send and receive short messages of up to 160 characters, but not nowadays. SMS is a simple and reliable communication method, and all mobile devices widely support it. Examples of SMS include

  • sending a quick message to a friend,
  • receiving a confirmation code for a login, or
  • getting a notification from a service like a bank or an airline.

On the other hand, MMS allows users to send multimedia content such as pictures, videos, audio files, and even GIFs. MMS has a higher character limit than SMS and can support up to 1600 characters and multimedia attachments. MMS is perfect for sharing visual content and conveying a richer message. Examples of MMS include

  • sending a photo of your vacation to a friend,
  • sharing a funny video with a family member, or
  • sending an audio message to a loved one.

In summary, SMS is a text-only service for sending short messages, while MMS is a multimedia service that supports sending pictures, videos, audio, and text. SMS and MMS are essential communication tools widely used in our daily lives.

Troubleshooting common issues when sending Images via text message Android

best practices gif

You can try a few things when troubleshooting common issues with sending pictures via text message. Firstly, ensure your phone has a good signal, and your mobile data or Wi-Fi is turned on. This will ensure that the message can be sent and received correctly.

Additionally, check that the picture you are trying to send is manageable for the messaging app to handle. If it is, try compressing the image or sending it through an alternative method.

Best practices for sending pictures via text message

Regarding best practices for sending pictures via text message, it’s important to remember that not all phones and messaging apps support MMS, so you should always double-check that the recipient’s device is compatible.

Additionally, avoid sending sensitive or personal information via picture messages, as they can be intercepted or forwarded without your consent.

If you’re worried about your privacy and want to keep your text messages safe from prying eyes on an Android device, you may find this helpful guide useful. It offers several tips and tricks to stop someone from reading your Text Messages on Android.

Alternatives to sending pictures via text message

If you’re looking for alternatives to sending pictures via text, consider using a dedicated photo-sharing app or service. This can offer a more streamlined and secure way to share photos with friends and family without the limitations of traditional text messaging. 

Some popular photo-sharing apps include Instagram, Snapchat, and Google Photos.


So that’s it for today’s article. Using the default messages app, I have shown you how to send images via text messages on any Android smartphone.

Also, I have drawn the differentiation between SMS and MMS and showed you some troubleshooting tips related to sending images through a messages app via texts. I hope you guys found this article helpful.

If you have any queries about it or anything, let me know in the comments. I guarantee you that I will reply in 24 hours. 

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