How to Send WhatsApp Messages without Saving Number

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Here’s How to Send WhatsApp Message Without Saving Number, You can send message without saving tons of phone number.

WhatsApp is one of the best messaging apps available on the Play Store and also it is free to access here is the fact that: WhatsApp has over 2 billion users worldwide.

Today I am gonna show you how to send WhatsApp messages without saving a number so let’s get straight into the post. Before I start let me tell you one thing that it’s a bit tricky to send anyone a WhatsApp message without saving their phone number.

How to send WhatsApp message without saving number

The shortest way to send the message without saving their number

how to send whatsapp message to unsaved number
  • Copy this link
  • Replace “Phone number” with your number along with country code 
  • Open the link in any web browser 
  • Then you can send messages without saving a number.

To send WhatsApp messages to anyone without saving the number you need to create a link first, which is “” now replace the phone number with your number along with your country quotes like if you are from India + 91 and your 10 digit number. Not paste the link to any web browser and search it now you can send WhatsApp messages to anyone without saving their number.

So this is how you can send a WhatsApp message to unsaved number . Hopefully, it will work for you, and here is a WhatsApp Guide where you get all your FAQs related to WhatsApp like how to share location on whatsapp, changing your WhatsApp font to everything around WhatsApp.

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