How to Solve the Problem with Access to Minecraft Servers on Android

Minecraft didn’t join the network or did not send a server issue indicating that there is a problem with the connectivity, stopping you from reaching a specific site in Minecraft. It is indeed possible that the issue is with your data connection or through the Minecraft host.

Solutions to the Minecraft server issue

To fix this Minecraft problem, look into network connectivity difficulties on the Android smartphone as well as in-app flaws that prevent you from connecting to a Minecraft network.

Check the current condition of Minecraft networks as you start. This will assist you in determining whether the issue is caused by a Minecraft server that is now unavailable. The down detector utility may examine new status data in Minecraft. You’ll find a list of the most recently reported Minecraft issues.

If there haven’t been any documented difficulties with Minecraft, and you’re still experiencing the did not connect to error code when gaming on your smartphone, try these simple changes to resolve connectivity problems on your side.

1. Use a VPN

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VPN is the easiest way to unblock Minecraft on any device you have. You may efficiently utilize an Android VPN provider such as VeePN on your smartphone to access and enjoy Minecraft. You must alter your Ip and persuade Minecraft services to accept your new IP address. An android VPN not only gives you access to Minecraft, but it also secures your safety and confidentiality while you’re online, enabling you to purchase, transact, and so on.

2. Improve Your Network Connection

If your phone’s Internet access is inconsistent or unpredictable, games such as Minecraft are likely to become problematic. If your Internet connection continues failing, you will not be capable of connecting to the Minecraft network. The same is true if the Web is exceptionally sluggish or whether there is no Online system at all. Anonymous internet issues are unavoidable, but they can be resolved by rebooting the network.

3. Restart your modem or wireless device (Power Cycle)

The port or gateway restart is the final remedy to mobile broadband difficulties in desktop and mobile. While working with internet difficulties in a wifi configuration, most Providers recommend using this approach first. Cable and router devices, like other electrical equipment, are prone to malfunctions. Whenever this transpires, a variety of internet issues may develop.

4. Re-enter your Minecraft username and password.

If none of the traditional plans worked, sign off your Minecraft login and exit the program. Restart Minecraft before logging back into your profile. Make sure you’re using the proper credentials.

This approach has worked for many customers when struggling with occasional in-app issues when playing online games on their Android phone, and therefore it could as well work for you.

5. Minecraft should be updated.

It is advised that you keep your applications updated in order to get the best stability and performance out of them. Updates include not just new functionality but also critical problem fixes. If you’ve not set your applications to upgrade automatically, you need manually install the application with any outstanding updates.

6. Restart your network.

A connection restore is also suggested to eliminate complicated network faults that create internet troubles on your Mobile devices. This reset clears all customized network configurations and replaces them with the default configuration and choices. Internet connectivity difficulties caused by incorrect network setups are also identified and resolved during the procedure. However, it does not affect any collected data on the system storage. Thus all of your crucial files and folders should be safe.

7. Get in touch with the system administrator. 

It’s likely that the network manager won’t let users play Minecraft if you’re on a cellular internet, a workplace, or a school network. So inform the network manager of the problem.

If you haven’t been able to access the server for a lot longer, call the server operator to determine if the service is still operational.

Additional Suggestions

  • Before participating and moderating, ensure you’re not utilizing any multiplayer-restricted customizations or other services.
  • Cleaning Minecraft’s memory and files can also assist, mainly if damaged stored files in the program cause the problem.
  • You may also play This game on other platforms, such as a PC, an iPhone, or an Xbox. If the issue does not occur on any of your other gadgets, it is most likely caused by your Android smartphone. You may execute a gentle restart on your Android in this instance. This will aid in the removal of minor software flaws that have created issues with Minecraft.
  • If you’re running Minecraft Java Version, Reloading the Minecraft network is also a viable option. To fix data center connection issues in Minecraft, simply click the Refreshing icon at the bottom of a host machine.
  • After downloading certain third-party Minecraft modifications, uninstalling Minecraft modules is another possible remedy if the issue arises. Some changes can also break the Minecraft installer, preventing it from connecting to the network. Launch new Minecraft after removing these modifications to verify if the network problem has been resolved.


Minecraft connection to server troubles is usually caused by network connection problems only with the Minecraft host or the gadget itself. On the other hand, fixing network connectivity difficulties will also cure the Minecraft error. However, if everything else keeps failing, installing Minecraft on an Android smartphone should be considered the final of the resorts.

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