How to Stop Taboola Ads on Android

Here's how to block taboola ads on Android. A step-by-step tutorial. With all the screenshots and videos. Get rid of it.
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Here’s how to stop taboola ads on Android; Taboola ads seem very disgusting for some users and irritating for most users. Today I have the solution for you.

Blocking these ads saves you time, and this article is an excellent step-by-step guide for removing taboola ads from Android. There are many ways, but I’ll mention the best two ways.

There are two main types of ads by taboola. One of its primary types shows the grid boxes with advertisements; the other is sponsored link ads.

Taboola’s ads appear in various formats, including sponsored content widgets, in-feed ads, and native ads, designed to blend in with the look and feel of the publisher’s website or app. When users click on a Taboola ad, they are directed to the advertiser’s landing page, and the publisher and Taboola earn revenue from the click.

I’ll share two methods, AKA techniques to remove taboola advertisements from Android. Let’s get rid of taboola ads.

What Are Taboola Ads?

Taboola is an ad-serving platform for brands and content creators. A band can promote their products or services using taboola ads, and on the other hand, users can monetize their content by showing the ads from taboola. This generates a new revenue stream for website owners.

Taboola targets ads to Android users by collecting data on their browsing behavior, search history, location, device type, and other data points. This information helps Taboola determine users’ interests (not always) and preferences and serve relevant ads.

Method 1: Changing DNS Method

The first step is relatively easy and has much to do with the DNS profile.

Step 1: Open the Mobile settings.

Smartphone Settings icon highlighted with yellow and teal color

Step 2: Tap on the connections.

connection menu in mobile settings

Step 3: Select more connection settings.

more connection settings pointed in connection menu

Step 4: Select Private DNS.

private dns option in more connection settings

Step 5: Tap on the third option (Private DNS provider hostname).

private dns provider with hostname

Step 6: enter “” into the text field. dns name in android

Changing the DNS to custom would block all the ads, not just the taboola ads, but even those from third-party providers, including top companies. It can be the easier way to remove taboola ads.

Just by reading, you may guess it’s by the Adguard organization, making it easier to use.

Note: If you’re a WIFI user, adding it might not work in the first few minutes. But you should try after a few minutes of adding new DNS.

Because I have tried it personally, and even based on some comments on YouTube videos also mentioned the same thing.

Now, let’s move on to the second step, which will help you do the same thing but will require you to follow only a few steps. It is fully automatic by using an app.

Read the last article on more connection settings: Remove Key Icon On Android phone.

Method 2: Using An App or Extension

If the only problem is ads and wants to save time changing the DNS, this can be a lifesaver.

There are millions or even billions of ad blockers on the Google play store, but here’s the one I believe in and many other YouTubers (tech creators).

I’m using Adblock for all browsers. It is an excellent app, but many good and bad reviews exist. It can be used to remove taboola ads.

But we believe in reviews sparingly because we want a first-hand experience using AdBlock for all browser apps.

Step 1: Open the app.

Step 2: Configure the basic steps.

Step 3: Tap on enable ad blocker.

After completing all the above steps, you will see it’s started working.

These are the two most competent methods to apply when annoyed by the taboola ads, which are repeatedly coming.

For this thing, we have created and published a video on our channel, learn and solve with backdroid.

10 Ways to Remove Taboola Ads Complete

If you want to stop seeing Taboola ads on your Android device, here are ten ways to do so:

  1. Use an ad blocker: Install an ad-blocking browser extension or apps like AdBlock Plus, AdGuard, or uBlock Origin, which can block Taboola ads.
  2. Disable personalized ads: Go to your Android device settings, select “Google,” then “Ads,” and turn off “Opt out of Ads Personalization.”
  3. Turn off Google Discover: If you use Google Discover, turn it off in the Google app settings. Taboola ads may appear on this feature, so disabling it will prevent them from showing up.
  4. Use a different browser: If you’re using Chrome, try using Firefox or another browser that doesn’t support Taboola ads.
  5. Uninstall apps with Taboola ads: If you notice that Taboola ads are showing up in a particular app, consider uninstalling the app.
  6. Install a custom ROM: If you have an Android device that allows for custom ROM installation, install a ROM that doesn’t include Taboola ads.
  7. Disable app notifications: Go to your Android device settings, select “Apps & notifications,” select the app that shows Taboola ads, and turn off notifications for that app.
  8. Use a VPN: Use a VPN app that blocks ads and trackers.
  9. Use a third-party launcher: Some launchers like Nova Launcher, Microsoft Launcher, or Lawnchair Launcher have built-in ad-blockers.
  10. Upgrade to a premium version: Some apps have premium versions that offer an ad-free experience. Consider upgrading to the premium version of an app with Taboola ads to avoid seeing them.

Can taboola ads be blocked from the browser?

Many users see pop-ups and sponsored link ads that could be more relevant and annoying.

Yes, you can easily block certain ad websites using the custom DNS by Add the URL to block from the website and start using that DNS.

Here is what happens, when you add the taboola ad serving URL into the DNS, the DNS blocks the URL from loading. This removes all the ads by their provider.

Now you won’t see any ads.

Is Taboola Safe?

Taboola is relatively safe for users because advertisers promote their content. Keep in mind that do not click on something spammy. For more context, taboola news is the same thing as taboola ads. To remove taboola news, users can follow up the above-shown method.

taboola article sponsored ads on content website


I hope you found the article helpful and valuable. All the shown steps and procedures have been tried and tested. It works on all devices.

Today I showed you how to stop taboola ads on android. These ads are annoying even though they are irrelevant like other ad platforms like Google.

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