Idea APN Settings for Faster Internet 2023 (idea 4G)

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Idea APN Settings: APNs are more valuable than anything because Most people are getting a slow internet speed, but you don’t worry.

I’m here to serve you the best apn settings for the idea (now Vi), which can make your internet speed faster than ever.

So let’s move to the best apn settings for idea 4G:

Idea APN Settings for Faster Internet Speed to Increase Internet Speed 2023

Now let’s see the First APN Settings for Idea 4G:

Idea APN Settings (3G/4G)Details
NameIdea Lite
ProxyLeave It
PortLeave It
UsernameLeave It
PasswordLeave It
ServerLeave It
MMSCLeave It
MMSC ProxyLeave It
MNCLeave It
Authentication TypeLeave It
APN TypeDefault
APN ProtocolIPV4/IPV6
Enable/Disable APNEnable APN

How to change idea APN settings to increase idea Mobile internet speed

  • Open mobile Settings app.
  • Click on ‘Network & Internet and find the ‘Mobile network’ menu.
  • Now go to the ‘APN’ (Access Point Names) menu. 
  • Click on create a new APN.

APN settings for the idea

Now here are the apn settings for idea sim 4g:

  • Name: Idea Internet
  • APN: Internet
  • Proxy: Blank
  • Port: 8080
  • Username: Blank
  • Password: Blank
  • Server: Not set
  • MMSC: Blank
  • MMS Proxy: Blank
  • MMS Port: 80
  • MCC: Check below
  • MNC: Check below
  • APN Protocol: IPV4/IPV6
  • APN: Enable
  • Bearer: Unspecified
  • APN typedefault, supl

If you are still getting a slow internet speed idea:

Right after changing the APN settings of your idea sim, if you are still getting a slow internet speed, you need to shift to the default APN settings the company gives.

Here are the steps to do that:

  • First of all, go to your mobile settings, then mobile and networks.
  • Second, go to the APN option, or you can say access point name.
  • Then you will see the three dots on the right-hand side.
  • Third, tap on it, and there is an option to reset or default settings.
  • Click on it and restart your phone, and everything will be fine.

What is the default idea apn settings or internet settings?

Default Vi APN SettingsDetails
NameIdea net
ProxyNot set
PortNot set
UsernameNot set
PasswordNot set
ServerNot set
MMSCNot set
MCCNot set
MNCNot set
Authentication TypeNot set
APN Typedefault, supl
APN ProtocolIPV4
Enable/Disable APNEnable APN

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