How to increase Airtel 4G speed 2022: Shocking results

Are you dreaming of high-speed internet in Airtel 4G? How about 27 MBPS per second or perhaps even more?

Increase airtel internet speed is possible, and plenty of people did it (I’ve increased my Airtel internet speed from 5 MBPS to 12 MBPS in fact sometimes 27 Mbps), but if you’re getting a slow internet speed in Airtel 4G, then you should read this post to find out how to increase internet speed in Airtel. 

Getting a high internet speed airtel

Changing a few settings and following my method simply means giving your internet speed wings (faster internet). This is a fundamental goal for most airtel users and it opens up opportunities to download files faster, to play videos without buffering, or to save your time.

increased airtel internet speed
Shocking Results on Airtel

There’s a catch, though.

How many times do you get 1Mbps above speed? How often do you think about “High-speed internet in Airtel“?

Tips on how to increase internet speed in Airtel 4G

Just following a few steps and taking one right decision to read this post can get you an increased airtel 4g internet speed. Naturally, this brings competition, meaning it’s not as simple as applying Airtel APN settings and watching it to be increased.

Trust me after this post you will see a user change in your Airtel internet speed, definitely, it will increase.

So let’s get started.

1. Secret method to increase download speed 

If you are an Airtel user and seeking how to increase download speed in Airtel then this is definitely for you. 

So the method is “calling yourself“.

Have you guys ever noticed that when you are downloading any file from the internet and then suddenly a call comes on your mobile and after that particular call your download speed increases and here’s the thing?

To increase your download speed without investing lots of time try this: 

  • So whenever you downloading any file
  • Call yourself from another mobile
  • Pick up the call and after 5 seconds and end the call

And this technique will definitely work for most smartphone users.

So this is because of an interruption. Suppose you are downloading a file and suddenly a call came and you connected with the Airtel tower in a different manner and when you ended that call you again connected back to the old connection which brought a high internet speed in Airtel.

But if you are seeking a permanent solution let’s move onto the second step. Extras: want to know your airtel balance here is how to check it

2. Optimize APN settings for Airtel 4G

change settings to get fast speed in airtel 4G

In this modern era of technology and experiment when everything is too instant. Sometimes we tried some settings just by watching YouTube videos or just by reading a few blogs. 

And you won’t believe that these settings do more harm than good. You applied these settings to get the highest internet speed but after a few days it stopped working and started damaging your device and we don’t want it right? 

In order to get high internet speed in Airtel, you have to reset a few settings whether you made a change or not you have to change it right now.

And don’t worry it won’t delete your files, it is just a regular settings cleanup.

Here’s how to reset settings and what to change 

Here is the things that you need to change right now otherwise it will damage your smartphone more

  • Your APN Settings

The question is how to reset these things so let me guide you in this: 

  • To reset APN settings 
  • Open your mobile settings
  • Now head over to the SIM card 
  • Select your sim
  • Go to the access point names
  • Click on the three dots on the top right-hand side and reset access point names
reset apn settings to increase internet speed

After resetting it just restart your device to make sure the settings work well.

This technique will definitely help you to get high-speed internet without damaging or hurting your phone.

Now is a 100% working thing that you can try. I believe in this method because this method is always to work for me and use this with precautions.

3. Tell them to increase internet speed

call airtel customer care for net speed

Like every telecom company, Airtel has its own customer care service where you can call and complain to them. 

And this method can literally increase your Airtel internet speed in your whole area, in your locality.  

But for this method, you need 4 to 10 people and at least four people. 

To implement this method you have to call the Airtel customer care service and tell them that you are getting a slow internet speed (if getting) and simultaneously tell your other friends to do this exact same thing.

Let me sum up, you have to call the Airtel customer care service and complain to them about your internet speed and tell your friends to also complain about their internet speed and most probably they will fix this issue as soon as possible. 

Did you know that Airtel has the largest active subscriber base, that means in the market there are more Airtel customers than the jio ones.  Here is the airtel prepaid customer support for more help.

Airtel customer care service to try to fix things as fast as possible. Extras: How to Check Airtel Number in Faster Way – Backdroid

4. Restart your device every week 

Restarting your device can increase your internet speed but not only internet speed it will benefit your smartphone that your phone will be good in the long term, its battery backup going to good.

How does restarting a device can increase your internet speed in Airtel? 

If you get this question in your mind then You are a genius. 

Basically every time you start your internet you get an IP address and when you restarted the IP address also changes which means you are shipped to a new server which can increase your internet speed.

So make sure to restart your phone service times in a week to get a consistently high internet speed in Airtel.

5. Try new APN settings for Airtel 

It’s followed all the above ways and still getting slow internet speed. 

Then you should try new APN settings for your device.

Just applying in new APN settings means getting into internet configuration that can increase your internet speed up to 21%. You can even search on Google for the APN settings but most of the Airtel APN settings won’t work. Here is an APN for Airtel 4G that you can try on your Android device.

I would recommend you to go with the above APN settings to get the maximum Internet speed in Airtel and here are the default APN settings that Airtel provides us.

Here is the default Airtel APN settings

Airtel APN SettingsDetails
Connection Nameairtel apn for 4g
APN (Access Point Names)
ProxyLeave It
UsernameLeave It
PasswordLeave It
MMSCLeave It
MMS ProxyLeave It
MMS Port80
APN ProtocolIPV4/IPV6

6. Replace the sim cards  

replace simcard slots

This is the best method that I personally like doing. Suppose if you are getting a slow internet speed in Airtel then you should try to replace your primary Airtel SIM with the secondary sim for a day.

So this will let you know why you are getting slow internet speed. Suppose if you get a high internet speed in the secondary sim that means the probability of your device is faulty. 

If the results are almost the same then don’t worry. Just follow the third method and that will really help you to increase your Airtel 4G internet speed. 

This is the in-depth guide on how to increase internet speed in Airtel 4G.

And today I showed you the 6 methods that can help you to get a better internet speed. Number 3 and 6 are my personal favorites

What’s your favorite step, let me know in the comments section below.

Common FAQs regarding Airtel internet

hy my airtel 4g speed is very slow?

THere are many reasons but mainly it is becuase of worng configration, Mis-matched Network settings and many more, In order to fix it reset your network settings.

What are the airtel network complaint number?

Here are the some complaint number that you can use for airtel: Airtel Customer Care Number – Contact Us @121 or 198.

airtel internet speed problem?

If you are getting errors with your airtel internet speed or getting a slow internet speed try this to fix it: Check your plan,

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