Increase Internet Speed: Beginner Guide to Improve Network[upto 37%]

Get Fast Internet Speed! The Best Guide. To Improve Mobile Data Speed; Upto 37.99%. Learn How to Increase Internet Speed Now.
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INCREASE INTERNET SPEED [Mobile Data] You will be amazed by this. 17% of the people in the world suffer from slow internet speed. Getting Fast internet speed is a dream for 17% of people who are suffering from extremely slow internet speed. 

I promise now you won’t suffer from a slow internet speed even if you are not in that 17%. 

Once upon a time, I was in that 17% and I suffered a lot while downloading songs, watching videos, and browsing websites. There are lots of limitations when we don’t have a proper internet connection speed. 

In this article, I am gonna break down how to improve internet speed. Or You can say 5 easy steps to increase internet speed. This is a tried method in the areas where it didn’t get even a single point of the network.

So directly move on to our topic which is Increasing Network Speed! 

How to Increase Internet Speed in Mobile 

Smartphone users are suffering on the internet but with slow internet speed. This article will help you to fix it out. Fix your internet speed if it is slow, make it faster with the 5 easy steps and nobody gonna show you on the whole internet*. 

1. Sometimes Complaining is the Best Policy 

Many people will say complaining is not my cup of tea. That is wrong if you are paying for a service and not complaining about it. If it is not good then I think we are wasting money. 

complain to them about network speed

There are lots of customer care numbers available for the different telecom operators or network providers which we generally contact to get access to the internet. 

What you can do to improve internet speed is just call your customer care support and tell them you are getting poor internet speed in your area. They will show you some steps that could help you. 

  • A Pro Tip: if your friends are also getting the same speed as you in your area then you can also tell them to complain and if a company will take a look at your area and everyone is getting a slow speed they will probably install a better network tower or whatever to improve your internet speed. 

2. Switching the Network Provider 

There are a lot of companies that provide networks to the local users in the area and sometimes the company doesn’t care about their customers. If that is the case they are not listening to you properly then you should switch or move onto a new network provider which might be good in your local area. Moreover, you can read reviews online. 

3. Sitting In-Network Place 

Best spot to place smartphone

In every house, there is a place where all the people get a good internet speed. Just like my friend “Ash”. In his house, there is a room where they actually get 10 times more high-speed internet. Usually, we call it the internet palace. 

Just like Ash, everyone has a spot where they have extremely high internet speed compared to the other places they live in. To find your spot where you will get a high internet speed to improve downloading speed and simultaneously you will get a better uploading speed. 

4. Resetting Internet Settings to Make it Fast 

In the world of technology when we are covered with information, we have to use some filters to filter from negative and useful information. 

Reset Network Settings

There is a very popular term which is called APN settings which are generally known for internet settings. APN settings are known as access point names. Every company has its APN settings so in that way we have a fluidity to connect with their network.  

However, there are lots of internet geeks who show that as their internet speed increases by changing APN settings I think they are not completely true. Anyways leave this topic and let’s see what you have to do to increase internet speed. 

Increase Internet speed any mobile

To improve your internet speed the one and the only thing you should do is reset your network settings. Resetting network settings will reset your Wi-Fi, mobile data, and some default network settings. Many people benefited by resetting the network settings. You can learn about them in the comments. 

5. Restarting the Phone Every Week! 

Restart Phone

In the world of technology, every gadget or device needs rest just like the human body at night. We usually sleep for 8 to 7 hours just to make sure we are healthy and to live long.

This thing also happens with these smartphones if they get a proper restart so all the apps shut down once and restart again will make your device consume less mobile data in the background and improve your downloading and uploading speed. 

Because there are always some apps that are running in the background like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, there are tons of other apps.

6. Mobile Data with Wi-Fi 

Actually using mobile data with a Wi-Fi connection can improve your internet speed up to 50%. There is an option on almost all Android devices which is dual network acceleration which generally stands to use mobile data with a Wi-Fi connection so in that way you are using the data of both the connections at a similar time so you get a faster Internet speed compared to them alone. 

Use dual acceleration to improve net speed

As I told you about Ash, my friend, his smartphone is not getting a proper internet speed but I showed him this way and he followed it. Believe me or not he improved his internet speed by 64% just by turning on the dual network acceleration in the settings. 

So turn on the dual network acceleration to increase download speed to improve network speed. 

Conclusion Increase Mobile Internet Speed

You are just like my friend Ash whom I generally mentor in tech-related problems. This is backdroid, a place where you will know which are the best apps for Android and how to end tutorials for Android. 

That’s it for today’s article today I mentioned some incredible ways to increase internet speed to fix slow internet speed as soon as possible. 

You can use them on any smartphone let me know in the comments which one would you like to use first. And imagine what if I had to choose one I would definitely go with the dual network acceleration that I mentioned in the last step and also with the complaining step that I should in the first step. 

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