Increase Jio 4G Internet Speed (Minimum-12Mbps – Max-37.55mbps)

Today I’m going to show you How to Increase Jio Speed to get high speed internet.

What f I tell you that if you read this post until it ends, You can increase your jio speed up to 27 to 48%, these are the tried techniques to increase Reliance jio internet speed.

Have you ever noticed that when you use your jio internet in the morning or late night then you get a stunning speed but when you use your internet around 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. then the speed is not that fast.

Jio Speed comparison

That is because of the population, Reliance jio has an active user base which are mostly active in these timings, and you will be surprised that the most data consumed by the users is in that time period. 

Now the actual question is how to increase jio speed, So today in this post I am gonna show you how you can actually increase your internet speed and these are the most unique ways that means they are not available in Search engines or anywhere. This is a how to article.

How to Increase Jio Speed | Increase Jio Internet Speed 2021 

1. Call Yourself: New method to increase jio speed

After reading the heading we will probably thinking what is talking about what is  call yourself, so basically when you are downloading any kind of media file which is large in size then you should try this up:

Jio 4G call Technique

What you have to actually do to increase jio speed?

So whenever you are downloading any media file, take another phone call on your phone in which the file is downloading. Make sure that you should Ring 4-5 Times and don’t pick up the call and cut the call. 

After following the above steps you will see a massive increase in your Jio downloading speed, like if you are getting a speed of 5 Mbps then it will increase up to 10 MBPS. I have tried this on as many smartphones as possible.

2. Just Fly for Internet: High speed jio4G

This is the second best way to increase your jio internet speed in minutes.

Aeroplane mode to get fast speed

Whenever you are getting a slow internet speed or you get a sudden drop in your internet speed then just turn your aeroplane or you can say flight mode on for a few minutes then simply turn off and you will again get the high speed internet.

So whenever you do this your IP will Be replaced with a new IP Address and because of a new IP address it gives a boost into your internet speed.

3. Increase Jio Speed with APN

Have you ever searched for how to increase jio internet speed or anything related to Internet speed then you probably know about this.

Access point name Jio 4G

APN stands for access point name, An Access Point Name is the name of a gateway between a GSM, GPRS, 3G or 4G mobile network and another computer network, frequently the public Internet. Source: Wikipedia

First of all let me tell you something if you change your APN settings into a new APN settings then it will give you a internet speed boost like when I was using my default jio APN settings then thile speed was not that good after switching to a new Jio APN settings then my decent internet speed turns into extremely high internet speed.

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4. Change Band to increase Jio Internet Speed

Band is basically a network frequency at which a network service provider offers to its users. Jio offers 4G (High Internet speed) band on Band 3, Band 5 and Band 40.

This should give you a brief idea how band really works :

For Best coverage : Band 5 > Band 3 > Band 40

For Best speed : Band 40 > Band 3 > Band 5

How to change Band (Step-by-step)

Mobile code
  1. First of all, Open your Phone’s Dialer and dial *#*#4636#*#*
  2. Now Hit the Phone information option
  3. Click on set preferred network type
  4. At last Select LTE only

How to Increase Jio Speed in villages or in small cities

Now in the big cities like Mumbai, Pune gets the fastest Net speed but when we talk about the villages or small cities which are located in India then the jio speed doesn’t play well.

For an example: if you use Jio sim in Mumbai give a speed probably around 10 to 20 mbps but when it games to village the speed decreases 1-2 MBPS even in KBs. In villages we have to save data while watching videos on youtube or using anything.

Now it’s time to reveal the Ace of these Techniques

5. Complaint them

Now if you really get a poor internet speed in your area or in your locality and some of your friends are getting the same internet speed as yours then this technique will definitely work for you.

Jio customer care number

What you have to do is to complain to them in other words, call their customer care and tell them you are getting slow internet speed and also tell your friends to call the customer care and when you do this they will fix it as fast as possible.

Imagine when the jio was just launched and it gives us free data, free calls, free SMS and changes the whole history of the Indian Tech world. 

Before the Jio was launched most of the telecom companies charged us hundred rupees for a GB.

I still remember the days when I recharge my SIM of 299 for 28 days and it gives me only 3 GB of Data. Now jio costs me around 148 rupees for 24 days and 1GB per day and that means jio costs us just 6 rupees per GB(6₹=1GB).

Anyways, that’s it for today guys, Today I taught you 5 best techniques to increase your jio internet speed even if you are living in villages or in small cities. I hope now you will get a good internet speed. Have a Nice day.

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