Infinix Company Belongs to Which Country? [Infinix Origin]

Infinix  is one of the leading smartphone brands, responsible for providing smartphones to users but the question is Infinix Company belongs to country?

Infinix is from which country?

The Infinix  Company belongs to which country – Infinix  launched its business in the Indian market in 2018 with its first phone Infinix  1. It is the first smartphone in the world to have a 6 GB RAM. In August 2018, the company launched the Infinix  2, which at the time was the Best Budget Smartphone for Gaming.

Infinix Mobile became the first smartphone brand to start manufacturing phones in Pakistan. The company keeps growing its investment to contribute to boost its production.

After making the first smartphone with 6GB RAM and a Gaming Processor technology, Infinix  phones gained a large number of customers, which was later adopted by most of the smartphone brands. Many of us have used Infinix  phones, but do you know which country the Infinix  Company belongs to? Can you tell which country the Infinix  company belongs to? Try it! Infinix  Company belongs to which country? Infinix  is a Chinese company whose headquarters are in Beijing,China. Infinix  belongs to China.

Is Infinix Chinese?

Infinix  is one of the leading smartphone brands, responsible for providing smartphones to users that are reasonable and high-tech. This huge smartphone brand, according to numerous reports, is currently operating in 100 countries around the world. The famous smartphone brand is a Chinese company. It sells Infinix  X3 SuperZoom. Infinix  X50 Pro 5G. Infinix  X2 Pro and more hit Android phones.

An Overview of Which Made in Infinix 

Infinix  Company belongs to – Infinix ’s known and unknown facts:

  • Infinix  is a Chinese electronic brand with its headquarters in Beijing, China.
  • The company was founded in 2018 by Sky Li and He is the Global CEO of Infinix .
  • Madhav Seth is the CEO of Infinix  India and Europe.
  • BBK Electronics designs and sells proprietary Infinix  smartphones, software and phone accessories.
  • The company has a huge market in India, and most of its phone units are Made in Shenzhen.

Infinix origin country and parent company

Infinix  first popped up in China with the name “OPPO Real” in 2010. Other major smartphone brands such as Oppo, OnePlus, Vivo and iQOO are also under BBK Electronics, a privately owned tech company based in China.

Origin of Infinix 

According to Wikipedia Infinix Mobile is a Hong Kong-based smartphone company founded in 2013 by Sagem Wireless and Transsion Holdings. The company has research and development centres sprawling between France and Korea and designs its phones in France. Infinix mobile phones are manufactured in France, Bangladesh, Korea, Hong Kong, China, India and Pakistan and are available in Asia and in about 30 countries in the Middle East and Africa, including Morocco, Bangladesh, Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, Iraq,Pakistan and Algeria.

Who is the CEO of Infinix ?

Infinix  is based in Beijing, China. CEO Benjamin Jiang. According to several reports, Benjamin Jiang is the CEO of Infinix  India and manages country-specific operations. Infinix  Phones sold in the Indian subcontinent have more aspects of Made in India But the revenue / profit goes to the Chinese company.

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