Instagram Hashtag Follow Not Working? You couldn’t follow hashtags! FIX

Instagram Hashtag Follow Not Working: Being an Instagram user following hashtags on Instagram is very useful. 

By following Instagram hashtags you can see updates of any particular tag and even to get all the posts updates around it. 

But what if you can’t follow hashtags on Instagram? Nowadays people are suffering and people can’t follow hashtags on Instagram because Instagram says, couldn’t follow hashtags/Instagram Hashtag Follow Button not working.

Instagram Couldn’t Follow Hashtag | Instagram Hashtag Follow Not Working

If it happens also with you then here is a detailed guide to resolving hashtag following on Instagram when you can’t follow hashtags on Instagram. 

1. Try on Desktop/Desktop Mode

If you are trying to follow any has taken from your mobile app then don’t do it. Because when Instagram won’t allow you to follow hashtags on Instagram then you need to try this from the desktop. 

Use the desktop mode on Android or you can use a real desktop to follow hashtags on Instagram. 

using desktop to follow hashtags

Literally, I tried it. I tried to follow a hashtag called backdroid from my Instagram app but I couldn’t because Instagram said you couldn’t follow the hashtag! 

Then what I did was just open my Instagram handle into the desktop and all I had tried was another thing: I opened my Instagram in the Chrome browser and the desktop version. 

So whenever you can’t follow hashtags on Instagram try using desktop mode. Open your Instagram account on a PC or laptop. 

2. Clear Cache and Update the App

Many times we forget to update apps, which causes issues like this because in the latest version of Instagram people can follow hashtags but in the old version there is nothing like following hashtags. 

So first of all you need to clear the cache of the Instagram app that goes to the app store app Play Store update the app now you can easily follow hashtags on Instagram. 

If you have a question about why you can’t follow hashtags on Instagram then below is the detailed answer! 

Why Couldn’t Follow Hashtag Instagram

If you do a lot of activity on Instagram in a few minutes or less than an hour, then Instagram will limit your account to follow new hashtags or accounts. Moreover, Instagram has a follow limit of 7.5 people which means you can follow up to 7500 people on Instagram. After this limit, your account will be restricted from following more people on Instagram. 

Instagram Hashtag Follow Limit

The same thing applies to hashtags if you are following thousands of Hashtags. If crossing the limit of 7000 then Instagram’s algorithm will restrict you from following more hashtags on Instagram. 

I hope you found this article useful, don’t forget to comment anything! ANYTHING! Have a nice day.

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