7+ Best Internet Speed Testing Apps! Check your speed ASAP 2022

What Are the Best Internet Speed Testing Apps for Android?

Test Your Internet Speed and Performance With These Internet Speed Testing Apps

Since we all use the internet every day, many of us have, at times, gotten disconnected while facetiming because of poor internet access. Sometimes, it’s a technical error, other times, your internet is to blame. And if you’re a gamer, you can’t afford to lose the internet in the middle of a game.

In desperate times like these, having an internet speed testing app can let you know what’s up. Internet speed test apps can tell you whether your ISP is deceiving you with slow internet speed and keep track of the performance of your internet connection. In case you have been getting a slower speed than the package you have purchased, maybe it’s time to switch providers. You might want to look into Internet deals like Spectrum student discount!

Interested in downloading an Internet speed testing app? A bunch of them are available out there and they are FREE. Let’s see which ones are most reliable as well as compatible with Android phones:

1: Ookla Speedtest

The features of Ookla Speedtest are extensive. It can perform video tests to measure resolution, load time, and buffering, in addition, to upload and download speeds, latency, and of course, jitter. You can use a private VPN and examine your test history as well.

The app lets you look at real-time graphs to see how stable your connection is. The basic version is free, but the premium edition is ad-free and comes with an unlimited VPN connection.

2: SpeedTest Master

This app lets you perform both conventional and advanced speed tests. To monitor network stability, discover devices using your Wi-Fi without permission, examine signal strength to find the strongest spot, and find a less crowded channel for your Wi-Fi router. there is also a ping test feature.

An admirable feature is that SpeedTest Master lets you monitor data usage to help you avoid overages. The app is available in 10 different languages. Also Check: Best Android Apps 2022.

3: FCC Speed Test App

In 2022, the Federal Communications Commission released a free test app for users to monitor upload and download speeds, latency, and packet loss. Keep in mind, when you check your internet speed, you’re also contributing anonymous, crowdsourced mapping data to help assess broadband quality across the US. You can limit mobile data use during testing by adjusting the app’s settings.

4: Meteor

This app is great if you want to get detailed info on a variety of internet-related metrics like download and upload speed, streaming speed, latency, and more. With Meteor, you can also test an app’s internet speed and performance using your internet connection. This could be any app, even Facebook! Multitasking is one of the app’s highlights, as it allows you to test the speed of 6 different apps at the same time.

Meteor generates stats based on real-world usage rather than peak speeds. If you have a particularly shaky internet connection, the app includes a Netflix or YouTube speed test that will tell you whether or not your connection is adequate for streaming.

5: Fast

This speed testing app is created by Netflix. It is very simple to use. Fast begins by measuring your download speed as soon as you open it. There isn’t even a button that says “go.”

It’s also small in size so you can download it on your phone without taking up too much space. It also displays additional statistics, such as unloaded and loaded latency, upload speed, and your public IP address. You can also save the results to track the performance of your internet.

6: Network Speed Test

This app is developed by Microsoft, and you can download it through the Microsoft Store. It’s simple and straightforward to use but packed with all the basic information you need on the health of your network.

It doesn’t have advanced features like the ability to verify signal performance or examine your total network’s range, but it’s still worth having if you just want to stay updated with the basics.

This simple speed-test app keeps track of previous tests too so you may compare them. It also specifies the type of connection you are using so you don’t compare Wi-Fi and Ethernet tests by accident.

7: Speed Indicator

This app offers a simple-to-use interface with functionalities such as real-time information about your Wi-Fi or cellular speed at any given time. There’s also the option of having a persistent speed meter on your notifications window. It won’t drain your battery so don’t worry. Also Check: Android Apps.

You’ll also have access to app consumption statistics, to figure out which app has used the most data in a day. Speed Indicator works on wireless networks, mobile networks, and VPN connections. The only drawback of this app is that it has ads. But, you can always go for the premium version and get rid of this problem.

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