Is Reddit Down? The answer stands here! Reddit Down or Not?

You might have seen the error 503 on reddit’s website. Now you might have the question: is reddit down? Why is reddit not working? So below are all the answers and peoples reaction to it.

Reddit Homepage Down?

Yes, Reddit is down because there might be an error in the backend of the website which cuaed errors like 503 pages.

Why is Reddit Down?

As of 9:09pm ET, the site shared an update: “We have identified the cause and engineers are implementing a solution.”

How many people are facing the same error 503 on reddit?

At least 51,480 outages have been reported in the last hour, according to Downdetector. Moreover, it’s still not up. That means reddit is not working or down.

Many frustrated users took to Twitter to see if others were experiencing a similar outage.


Tweets On Reddit Down

“So reddit is down right? It’s not just my janky a** McDonalds wifi internet?,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Checking here to confirm the worst – reddit is down!!,” someone else said.

“Reddit is down. Shocker,” another tweeted.

“Reddit is down and I’m not sure what to do with all this newfound free time,” tweeted another.


The app is still working to rectify the issue.

Stay tunned for more info, we’ll update this page.

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