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Samsung is a well-known name in the world of smartphones, and it’s no secret that the company has been using Android as the operating system for its devices for many years. In this article, we’ll explore the relationship between Samsung and Android and answer the question: Is Samsung Android?

The short answer is yes. Samsung uses Android as the operating system for its smartphones and tablets. Android is an open-source mobile operating system that Google developed. It is used by many manufacturers, including Samsung, to power their devices.

Samsung first started using Android on its smartphones in 2009 with the release of the Samsung Galaxy. Since then, the company has continued releasing new Android devices, including the famous Galaxy S and Note series.

Samsung’s implementation of Android on its devices is known as Samsung Experience, formerly TouchWiz. This is a customized version of Android that includes additional features and functionality specific to Samsung devices.

Samsung Experience includes various features and apps, including Samsung Pay, Bixby, and Samsung Health. The interface is also customized with Samsung’s design language and app icons.

While Samsung uses Android as the foundation for its devices, the company has also modified the operating system. One of the most significant changes is the addition of the Samsung App Store, which allows users to download apps and games specifically designed for Samsung devices.

Samsung has also made some changes to the way Android handles notifications. In Samsung Experience, notifications are grouped by app and can be expanded or collapsed with a single tap.

In addition to these customizations, Samsung has developed its hardware, including processors, displays, and cameras. This allows the company to optimize its devices to work seamlessly with the Android operating system and deliver an excellent user experience.

Samsung Android Partnership Benefits

One of the benefits of Samsung’s partnership with Android is access to Google’s suite of services, including the Google Play Store, Google Maps, and Google Assistant. These services are available to all Android devices, including those made by Samsung, and provide valuable user features.

Samsung has also developed its services and apps to complement the Android operating system. Samsung Pay is a mobile payment service that allows users to make payments using their Samsung devices. Bixby is a virtual assistant that can control the device and perform various tasks.

Range of Samsung Apps

Samsung has also developed a range of apps, including Samsung Health, which allows users to track their fitness and health goals, and Samsung DeX, which turns a Samsung device into a desktop computer.

While Samsung uses Android as the operating system for its devices, the company also develops its own software and services to complement the operating system. This allows Samsung to deliver a unique user experience and differentiate its devices from its competitors.

Samsung’s Investment in Android Competitors

In recent years, Samsung has also been investing in developing its operating system, known as Tizen. This Linux-based operating system is used on some of Samsung’s smartwatches and other IoT devices.

Tizen is designed to be a lightweight and secure operating system that can run on a range of devices, including wearables, smartphones, and TVs. While Tizen has not yet been used on Samsung’s flagship smartphones, the company has been expanding its use of the operating system on other devices.

Samsung’s use of Android has been instrumental in the company’s success in the smartphone market. Android is the world’s most popular mobile operating system, with over 2.5 billion active devices. This popularity has allowed Samsung to reach a large audience with its devices and deliver a great user experience.

Is Samsung Android?

Yes, Samsung phones are based on Android OS. That means the functionality of the Samsung smartphone’s UI is similar to other android operating systems. Overall the Samsung phones have pretty much the same user interface. 

More broadly, it is to be said that Samsung is an Android OS-based smartphone brand with all the primary features of Android phones. 

What Samsung Is?

The brand Samsung is based on Android OS; chances are Samsung primarily focuses on Android OS and installs this operating system on all Samsung devices. A Samsung phone may require unique features: So they have their User interface, although older phones may not be able to run the latest software properly. 

Moreover, Samsung does more than their competitors; they provide us with extra features and features that we were newly introduced to. 

Samsung is Android; An Example!

For instance, in 2017 Samsung introduced its Bike Mode. Which primarily focuses on sending SMS when you are riding your bike because you can’t answer calls or reply to messages at that moment. 

Just like Samsung smartphones have a unique user interface that lets the phone’s owner know he’s using a Samsung device. 

Is it Samsung Android or iOS?

Samsung phones are always based on Android OS. This operating system is also being pre-installed on all devices from samsung. So, Samsung is not an iOS based smartphone bradd, iOS is officially installed on the iPhone.

Is it a Samsung android tv?

Yes samsung Television are based on android operating system. So, thinking about buying the samsung android tv then yes, it comes with android init.

Is samsung android an iphone?

No Smoking is not an iphone, both products are completely different from each other. Samsung is building all price segments of phones but iPhone made phones which are too premium and have no budget segment.


In conclusion, Samsung is an Android manufacturer, but the company has made some customizations to the operating system to deliver a unique user experience. Samsung’s partnership with Android has been instrumental in the company’s success, and the company continues to develop it.

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