Is Samsung Android? What Exactly Samsung Is…

Is Samsung Android: Many of you might use a Samsung smartphone but you won’t know what Samsung is? 

Whether Samsung is Android or a feeling. Anyways in this article, I am gonna show you or let you know what Samsung is? 

So let’s get started with Is Samsung android? 

Is Samsung Android?

Yes, Samsung phones are based on Android OS. That means the functionality of the Samsung smartphone’s UI is similar to other android operating systems. Overall the Samsung phones have pretty much the same user interface. 

More broadly, it is to be said that Samsung is an Android OS-based smartphone brand. Which has all the primary features that Android phones have. 

What Samsung Is?

The brand Samsung is based on Android OS, chances are Samsung primarily focuses on Android OS and They install this operating system on all the Samsung devices. A Samsung phone may require unique features: So they have their User interface, although older phones may not be able to run the latest software properly. 

Moreover, Samsung does more than their competitors; they provide us with extra features and features that we were newly introduced to. 

Samsung is Android; An Example!

For instance, in 2017 Samsung introduced its Bike Mode. Which primarily focuses on sending SMS when you are riding your bike because at that moment you can’t answer calls or reply to messages. 

Just like that Samsung smartphones have their unique user interface that lets the owner of the phone know that he’s using a Samsung device. 

Is it Samsung Android or iOS?

Samsung phones are always based on Android OS. This operating system is also being pre-installed on all devices from samsung. So, Samsung is not an iOS based smartphone bradd, iOS is officially installed on the iPhone.

Is it a Samsung android tv?

Yes samsung Television are based on android operating system. So, thinking about buying the samsung android tv then yes, it comes with android init.

Is samsung android an iphone?

No Smoking is not an iphone, both products are completely different from each other. Samsung is building all price segments of phones but iPhone made phones which are too premium and have no budget segment.

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