Is Speed Dial not working on your device? Fixed!

Have you used the speed dial on your Android device and found that it's not working as expected or stopped working?
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Have you ever experienced or tried using the speed dial on your Android device and found that it’s not working as expected or stopped working? It can be frustrating, but here are a few things you can try to troubleshoot the issue, and I will also list all the reasons why it’s happening.

Fixing the speed dial not working or Stopping!

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First, it’s always a good idea to ensure that device software is up to date and check out that your phone app, which you use to dial numbers or save the contact, is up to date.

If the above two things are checked, they are up to date, but still, the speed dial is not working or has stopped working. Then you can restart your device or clear its cache.

Let’s be more specific about the cache phone’s cache contact app that you’re currently using.

google contacts

However, there are more aspects to this particular scenario. If you have tried all these steps and the speed dial is still not working, you may need to contact the manufacturer for technical support. Also, there could be three main issues you are facing right now, which make the speed dial not work.

One of the issues is a network connection. For example, if the SIM card is damaged or not inserted correctly, you may be unable to make calls, including speed dial calls, if you are not connected to a strong network signal. That could also be an issue, so try fixing everything I have shown you. It will automatically help you and fix the speed dial.

What if the speed dial on your dial pad is not working?

He has some ways you can try right now on your device to fix it.

So the first thing is to check if the speed dial is disabled. This is the thing where most people fumble. They do not check whether the speed dial is disabled on this smartphone, so here is how to do it.

If Somehow the speed dial is disabled in your phone’s dialer settings. Goto to your phone setting, select calls and check if the speed dial is enabled.

all the set speed dial number on device

Check if the speed dial number is assigned. Ensure you have assigned the speed dial number to the contact you want to call. So here is how to do it: go to your contact list, select the contact you want to assign a speed dial number to, and then choose the contact to assign a speed dial number.

Alternate Ways to Fix Speed Dial

Alternatively, you can open the phone’s dialler, tap on the three dots, and enter the speed dial settings. 

The place where all the speed-dial numbers have been shown, such as the preset speed-dial numbers.

Yes, one more thing you can do is clear the phone’s cache data (dialer app), so clearing the cache and the date of the phone dialler app can sometimes fix the issue.

A bug always happens on the smartphone, so go to your mobile settings, select apps, and find the default dialler app.

For those who don’t know, the dialler app is the app you use to dial any number on your smartphone and default in the app, like you always open and your phone always opens.

selecting a contact to set on speed dial

So selecting the tap and then selecting storage here, you’ll find two options: clear all data and cache. Then simply on the clear cache button, you would remove all the unwanted files from the device.

Those thinking about clearing the phone’s dialer app would delete any of their contacts. It is not going to delete any of the contacts or any data.

You must check your network and signal strength. I dial a number using the shortcut, but it’s not working. One reason is poor signal or network strength. So that, You cannot make calls.

And the last isn’t an outdated app or phone software; this is where most people suck.

speed dial number menu

They ignore the app update and do not update their phone software, which causes the speed dial not to work. I hope you found this information h.remember forget to check out all these steps. I am summarising everything below step-by-step procedure with all the screenshots needed.

10 Quick Ways to Fix Speed Dial Not Working or Stopped working

  1. Ensure your device software and phone app are up to date.
  2. Restart your device or clear its cache if the speed dial is not working.
  3. Check if the speed dial is disabled in your phone’s dialer settings.
  4. Assign a speed dial number to the contact you want to call.
  5. Clear the phone’s cache data (dialer app).
  6. Check network and signal strength.
  7. Update your phone software and app.
  8. A damaged or incorrectly inserted SIM card can cause the speed dial to malfunction.
  9. Poor signal or network strength can prevent you from making calls.
  10. Contact the manufacturer for technical support if the issue persists.


So here is the conclusion for this blog post. In today’s blog post, I showed you what to do when the speed dials on any smartphone stop working recently or whenever you tap on or hold on the speed dial number, and it just shows a blank black screen. I got this question from the one plus support website with people who have and transfer it very clearly, so I am trying to give the best answers possible.

Also, I have shared all the reasons and the fixes you can apply right now to get the speed dial working back again.

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