Is Uptodown Safe? (Things you need to Know)

Is uptodown safe? Have you ever thought about this? We all wanted to download apps/games from the Uptodown website. But the real question is: is it safe to download apps from uptodown?

So, We have discussed this point below. Many people from the US asked us: IS uptodown safe?. THis article is the part of our Question & Answers page.

Is uptodown safe? 

Uptodown was founded in 2022 by José Domínguez and Luis Hernández. This website bvasialtlt prodive the genuine apps. It’s more like an App Store just like the Google play store. Even though I have downloaded apps from their uptodown website but never got any virus. So, it’s safe to download apps or games from

Even their motive is to build an Awesome app store that provides every android application. Their main motive is to serve every android user, because there 80 percent traffic is from Android users.

Proof Of Uptodown Faulty 

The more than 3.8 million they provide are analysed by 70 different antiviruses through VirusTotal.


So Uptodown is completely trusted according to their past authority. You can use it to download apps from 

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