JT WhatsApp 2022 APK Download (SAFEST jt app) Free

JT WhatsApp 2022 (JT WhatsApp) Often people have heard its name and you must have also heard and you have come here because in which way you can download JT WhatsApp and not only download JT WhatsApp 2022, What is JT and who maked this app, Is JTWhatsApp 2022 safe to use. All those questions are going to be answered and the main question is whether JT WhatsApp is safe, in recent research it has been found that JT WhatsApp users People get to see virus very quickly in WhatsApp, now if this news is true then should you use WhatsApp for anything.

So let’s first know whether JT WhatsApp is secure or not?

Joker Malware Apps

So in answer to this in simple words I will say that yes JT WhatsApp 2022 is safe but not completely safe if you download JT WhatsApp 2022 from a good medium then it can be safe and on our site, you can see the safest version Due to which neither you will get a WhatsApp account banned.

Because not every information on the internet is correct, in the same way, every JT WhatsApp 2022 app is not safe, many people have got their WhatsApp account banked by downloading from an unknown noise, then if you people want to download Jt WhatsApp, given below Click on the button and go and download JTWhatsApp easily.

So when you come to the benefits of JT WhatsApp, you must have heard the name of JT WhatsApp, you may have seen it with your friends or you may have heard about it somewhere on the Internet, then I will tell you some of its benefits which anyone Can’t tell.

JY WhatsApp App Download

JT WhatsApp 2022 Exclusive Features

As the name of JT WhatsApp 2022 comes to our mind, the real WhatsApp comes to our mind, inside which there are many types of obstacles Joshi can send WhatsApp messages to only 5 people at once and can put a 30 seconds status as we have last seen. You can hide these are just a few things that we get to see in the normal WhatsApp app, but if you guys download Jt WhatsApp, then all these obstacles are removed. Also check our: WhatsApp Guide.

Using this, you can send messages on WhatsApp to more than two hundred and fifty people at a time.

You guys can hide everything whether you are online or not so that no one will know when you saw their message when you came online.

You can put more than 30 seconds of status at a time, you can put 5 minutes status at a time, which you do not get to see on normal WhatsApp, if you have to put a big video, then it takes a lot of time for that. In small pieces but you can put a video of 5 to 10 minutes directly in it using WhatsApp.

You can auto-reply to someone, if you have someone’s hello message, then you can set it as an autoresponder, whatever message you want to send, like if someone sends you hello, then the automatic write message will go away if your net If it is on then such hi right now I am busy, later let’s talk about something like this.

Here are some benefits that you get to see when you use JT WhatsApp and it has more benefits It is not possible to cover all in this post like JTWhatsApp 2022 there are more WhatsApps like YouWhatsApp, FM WhatsApp here Here is the link you can download FM WhatsApp, so without any friend, go ahead that what is Jt WhatsApp actually, who has made it.

What is JT WhatsApp?

JT WhatsApp 2022 is a type of WhatsApp only but it is more modified by froup of people. It is different from normal WhatsApp. Generally, In WhatsApp you can send messages to 5 people simultaneously but inside jtwhatsappapk, you can send messages to 250 people simultaneously, in less than 5 minutes. You can apply for more tax status and many more benefits.

Who made the JTWhatsApp App 2022?

Every behind you there is some developer who builds the app, similarly, JT WhatsApp is quite a developer whose name is

Download JT WhatsApp 2022

Jt WhatsApp download download gif

So as I told before you guys if you guys download anything WhatsApp from a safe place like our backdroid.com then you will get the best Jt WhatsApp; virus free You can use it without any fear and there are two download buttons given below, by clicking on them you will be sent to another page so that we can verify you because many times people come just to take advantage So by going to the next page, you can enjoy your JT WhatsApp 2022 as soon as you click on the download button.

The new version of WhatsApp JT has some unusual features that you don’t find in the old version, this version is more user-friendly, and a lot of bugs are now resolved. The best thing about this app is that it is free to use.

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The other JTWhatsApp versions that you find on other websites are not official, here I mean that version From where you can download any app. But JT Whatsapp is a Third-Party App that you will not find on Play Store. Download Ibomma APK.

To download JT WhatsApp APK, you have been given a download link on our website by clicking on which you can easily download it. If you have add-ons or pop-ups open while downloading the APK, then close them, after that JT WhatsApp will start downloading to your device. If you install the new version JT WhatsApp 2022 on your Android, then you will get to see many new features in it.

JT WhatsApp System Requirements

To download JTWhatsApp 2022 new version, you will need to meet these requirements:

  • Storage permissions
  • Internet connection
  • Contact access
  • Phone location
  • Gallery access
  • Camera access

JT Whatsapp download new updates

New updates of JTWhatsApp keep on coming. So if you are using only the old version of the JT WhatsApp App, then let us tell you when the new version of WhatsApp Pro has arrived. It is very easy to download JT WhatsApp 2022. Jt WhatsApp downloading and installation process has been told to you step by step below.

  • To install JT WhatsApp, first of all, go to the ‘Settings’ of your phone and click on ‘Security’ in the settings.
  • Here you have to enable the option of Unknown Sources.
  • After this download ‘JTWhatsApp APK File’ in your phone, your JT WhatsApp 2022 downloading and installing will start.
  • Now open the app and enter your mobile number in it. 
  • It will automatically verify your phone number through ‘OTP (One Time Password)’.
  • So in this way you can install the latest JT WhatsApp app on your phone. JT WhatsApp Pro This is the new version of WhatsApp which is considered to be one of its best versions, you will get Advance Features from the old versions of WhatsApp JT.
  • After downloading JT Whatsapp app, you can use it by setting it according to you.

Important notice: WhatsApp has warned that if you use JT WhatsApp then your WhatsApp account may get banned in the future. Because the use of WhatsApp Plus or JTWhatsApp is prohibited by WhatsApp, use this mod version at your own risk. Android Games.

Source: WhatsApp.com

JT WhatsApp Apk is available for these platforms

How to Update JT Whatsapp

If you want to get JT WhatsApp Update 2022 New Version, then you have only one option to use its latest version on your phone: whenever the latest version of jtWhatsApp comes on the internet, then you have to download and install it again. Will have to do Because this is a third-party application, in which the feature of Notification is not provided like Google Play Store. 

However, keep checking our website to get the notification when JTWhatsApp’s Latest Updated Version will come. You can also get an updated version of FM WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus on our Hindi backdroid.

So in this way you know How to Update JT WhatsApp, in this way you can update your old JT WhatsApp 2016, 2020, and 2022, etc. versions to the new version.

How to get JTWhatsApp in iPhone

We all know that currently, most mobile users are from Android, but it is not that iOS and iPhone users do not want to enjoy the advanced features of WhatsApp. If you are an iPhone user but you do not know how to download files in iOS / iPhone, then for this we have given you the download button below, by clicking on which you can download jt WhatsApp New Version 2022 on your device. 9xmovies app Download

JT WhatsApp For iPhone

JT WhatsApp Developers

Jt WhatsApp is developed by two developers AlexModes and modes and both of them make their different versions available in the market. However, as both versions have many advantages, there are some disadvantages as well. Let’s know about their features:

1. AlexMods

This is the most popular mod version, which offers a variety of features to its users along with a user-friendly interface. You can easily download all types of versions of alexmods JT WhatsApp [Whatsapp Bold Text: How to write Bold Letters in WhatsApp]. like-

  • dark theme
  • Backup and Restore Option
  • Allows to download status
  • Hide options
  •  Download AlexMods

2. HeyMods

HeyMods is a third-party JT WhatsApp application, which is available with very advanced features. All old versions of HeyMods along with the latest version are available to download. like-

  • custom theme
  • can download story
  • chat backup
  • can easily restore
  • privacy control
  • animated stickers available

 Download HeyMods

Features of Latest JT WhatsApp 2022 Version

The best features of Jt WhatsApp 2022 force users to use it. If you also use them once, you will like them very much. So when you download WhatsApp 2022 now and get the latest new feature that too without any charges.

Broadcast Messages

In this, you can broadcast 600 contacts, whereas in the original WhatsApp you could broadcast only 250. Secret Messaging Apps 2022.

Hide Blue Tick:

In this, you can also hide blue ticks. Now Read WhatsApp Messages Without Blue Tick

Set Auto Reply:

Auto-reply can also be set. That is, when you are busy, you can use the Auto-Reply option.

Image Limit Exceed

In this, you can send more than 60 images at once. Whereas in the original WhatsApp, only 30 images are sent.

Videos Limit:

It can send 30MB of video, whereas the original WhatsApp could only do 16MB.

Notification Icon:

You can use 16 new icons for Message Notification. What is Notification Bar or Panel – Android?

Edit Image Before Sharing:

You can also edit the photo before sharing it.

Hide Last Seen JTwhatapp

Hide Last Seen And Call Disable:

Pin Lock:

You can also set Pin Lock on Personal Chat so that no one can read it.

Contact Limit:

In this, you can keep 600 contacts, whereas in WhatsApp you could keep only 250 contacts.

So, friends, these are the features that are available on downloading JT WhatsApp. It is very much liked by the users, due to which it is so popular.

Why should I not use JT WhatsApp?

jtwhatsapp Apk is the latest modded version of WhatsApp. We all know that WhatsApp is a legal official application, but if someone modifies it or removes its copy separately without permission, then it violates the rules of WhatsApp. You must also know that JT WhatsApp Apk is not available to download on Play Store because it is an Illegal Application, and Google does not provide Unauthorised Apps on the Play Store keeping in mind the security and privacy of its users.

Basic Settings of JT WhatsApp

To update JT WhatsApp App’s Setting and JT WhatsApp, we are further telling you about its important setting.

  • Media Sharing – When going to the settings of WhatsApp, you can also set this setting to limit the picture, audio, and video uploaded by you. In this, the Maximum Video Upload Limit is 50MB and Audio Limit is 100MB.
  • Auto Reply Message – If you are busy then you can use this setting. You can write your message in it and when you are busy then this message gets sent automatically.
  • Lock – With this setting you can hide your personal chat.
  • Change App Fonts – If you like to change the font so that the fonts of your JtWhatsApp are in a different style, then here you will find many types of font styles. Change WhatsApp Fonts Style: Chats, Status.
  • Themes – In this app, you will get Unlimited Themes, you can change many types of themes by going to Theme Store.
  • Other Mods – In this option, you can do many other types of settings. In this, you can also change the Launcher Icon and set up the Notify bar Icon, Always Online, Backup Data, etc.

So you can do this kind of setting in Jt Whatsapp. Let us now know what is the best way to use it.

Uses of JT WhatsApp

Do you know about JT WhatsApp Kaise Chalate Hai and how you can use it? If you do not know, then let’s know step by step.

  • Open App:- First of all open the JTWhatsapp App on your mobile.
  • Chats: – Here you will see the option of Chats. In this option, there are messages that you have done to your friend or someone has done it to you, that is, you have a chat in it.
  • Status:- This option of JT WhatsApp is for Status. You can post more than 30-second videos on WhatsApp Status. This option is the best option for JTWhatsapp. 7+ Best WhatsApp Status App for Android 2022 (download).
  • Video Call: – If you want to make a video call from someone, then you can do it by clicking on it.
  • Voice Call: – If you want to make a voice call to someone, then you can do it with this option, it is for making a voice call.
  • Select Contact:- If you want to message someone in your WhatsApp Contact, then you can do it with this option.

In this way, you have to use your Jt WhatsApp. When you use it, you will learn to run Jt WhatsApp even better. As we told you above that its new updates keep coming. In which more new features are available. If the update of Jt WhatsApp is coming to your mobile too, then you must also update it.

Advantages of GB WhatsApp

There are many benefits of running Jt WhatsApp, which will double your interest in running JTWhatsApp. Because of these benefits, it is used so much by the user, so let’s know about them without delay.

  1. You can also customise it according to you.
  2. Where in WhatsApp you have trouble sending large size files and folders and it also takes a lot of time, whereas in JT WhatsApp you can send large size files and folders very easily.
  3. If you message someone and if you want that the person in front cannot read that message, then you can also delete your message.
  4. You can use 250 words to write your status. Whereas only 139 words can be used in Original WhatsApp.
  5. You also have an advantage of this that you can also send large files in it.

So this is the benefit that you get by using Jt WhatsApp.

By using Jt WhatsApp, you can get so many benefits and use such a great function, but do you know that it can also harm you which you would hardly have thought of.

Disadvantages of JT WhatsApp

Here we will tell you some such reasons, due to which using JT WhatsApp can be dangerous for you.

  1. There is no automatic update of any kind in Jt WhatsApp.
  2. It is not available on Play Store and App Store as it is not available on Policies and
  3. Do not follow the rules.
  4. It does not have End to End Encryption which means it is not secure.
  5. There is no surety that the message you are sharing is not going to any third-party server.
  6. JT WhatsApp injects Viruses such as Malware and Spyware due to fewer Secure Hosted Servers. This Virus is harmful to your data and also damages your data.

So using it also has such disadvantages. Which is not free from danger for you and your device, due to this your data also does not remain secure.

How to Take Backup on JT WhatsApp 2022

How to backup WhatsApp

To take JtWhatsApp Apk backup, you have to follow the steps given below. How to Backup & Restore WhatsApp; chats, data, media.

  1. First of all open JTWhatsApp and click on the Settings option in it.
  2. When you click on Settings, there you will get the option of Chat, tap on it.
  3. Tap on Chat
  4. Then click on the Chat Backup option.
  5. Tap on Backup Option
  6. Now you will be asked to take a backup of JT WhatsApp. Click on the Back-up button.
  7. You should see the backup taking place and it will be over in a few minutes.

JT WhatsApp for PC

JT WhatsApp software is not available for laptops or computers, if you want to run it on your desktop or laptop, then for this you have to download a Bluestack Emulator. With its help, you can easily use other Android apps on your computer at a very high speed. After installing Bluestack Emulator Download, you have to follow the steps given below.

Bluestack Emulator Download

  1. First of all, download the Bluestack File from the above button.
  2. Once the file is downloaded, install it on your computer or laptop.
  3. Now you have to connect your mobile to it.
  4. After that, you have to open the JB WhatsApp app in it.
  5. Now you are ready to use JT WhatsApp Usage on your PC.
  6. JT WhatsApp FAQs

Check Bluestack here.

What is JTWhatsApp Apk?

JT WhatsApp is the Mode Version of Original WhatsApp, in which you will get many Advance Features. What is App Installer? APK Installer?

How to Install JTWhatsApp?

To install JT WhatsApp latest version, you have to enable Unknown Sources from your phone’s settings.

Is JTWhatsApp secure?

Yes, Jt WhatsApp is a secure APK. Till now no report has been filed on this, but official WhatsApp has warned that MOD versions will be banned soon.


So friends, by following the step-by-step information given about JT WhatsAppDownload or How to download JT WhatsApp 2022, now you too will be able to enjoy these new features of jt WhatsApp and will be able to increase the pleasure of running your WhatsApp even more.

So friends here, how do you download JT WhatsApp? Got complete information about Friends, how did you like this post, please tell us by commenting, as well as if you have any suggestions on this, then definitely tell them too.

If any of your friends want to run JT WhatsApp, then do not forget to share this post with them on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter.

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