Just How Important is Honesty When You’re Webcam Chatting?

Everybody knows that some people use the internet as a place to tell tall tales, but does this apply to cam to cam chat sites like Camgo? After all, most chat sites are places where strangers go to meet up and make friends; is this just another opportunity for people to embellish their lives for attention? For some, that’s probably the case; but what does this mean for you?

Here’s one thing to remember: nobody owes their chat partners the absolute truth. For some, this means that they’re cautious about their personal details, so they give out false information rather than telling somebody no. For others, it means that they give themselves license to make up whatever story comes to mind, just so their chat partner will be impressed. 

Now the question is, what will you do? It’s really up to you. If you get a nosy chat partner, will you give them the facts for everything they ask, tell them to chill out, or simply make something up? At the end of the day, the person who’ll be most affected by your decisions will be you. If telling a few white lies helps you get through the chats, then go for it. If you’d rather tell your chat partners when they’re crossing a line, that’s a valid option too. Random video chatting gives people a lot of flexibility in how they interact with each other, so you should find whatever balance works for you. 

In case you’re curious what “finding a balance” looks like, you can read about a few practical examples below. 

You meet someone who keeps bringing up personal details.

Whether or not they’re directly asking you for phone numbers or addresses, anyone who steers the conversation in that direction is a little sketchy. Why would this matter? Because identity thieves are known to visit random chat sites, and this is the only way they’ll get any information. They may even be some of the friendliest people you’ll meet, and that only makes sense – you wouldn’t be willing to hand over sensitive information to a jerk. Even if you feel like they have your best interests at heart, though, you aren’t obligated to take that risk just to keep the conversation going smoothly. 

The catch is, they may not be a scammer – and you can’t always assume they are. So what should you do? Anyone would understand why you wouldn’t want to give them your contact details, but what about the place you work? While this too can be used to compromise your identity, someone who doesn’t have theft on their mind might be confused if you didn’t want to talk about it. One option, of course, is to make something up; another is to answer vaguely enough to throw off a scammer, but with enough detail to satisfy their curiosity. 

In any case, it all boils down to what kind of chat you’re after. Do you just want some easy entertainment, or are you actually trying to get to know some of your chat partners? If you want the second option, it’s probably best to keep the half-truths to a minimum. If not, there probably isn’t any harm in glossing over the details you’d rather keep hidden. 

You meet someone who wants to tell you their entire life story.

The truth is, a lot of people on random chat sites aren’t exactly skilled conversationalists. They might have a hard time getting a chat going, or they might have a tongue that’s loose on both ends and hinged in the middle. If you spend any amount of time video chatting, you’re likely to run into someone who meets you and tries to jump right off the deep end. They seem to want any kind of human interaction they can get, and you happen to be the person they’re talking to right then. They could share way too much about themselves, and expect you to do the same – a tactic that’s meant to force the feeling that you have something in common. 

This can put you in a tight spot. On the one hand, they aren’t really doing anything untoward (besides making slightly unfair demands on your attention). On the other hand, there are probably more entertaining chat partners a few clicks away, so why stick around? If you do decide to stay in the chat, a helpful strategy might include fabricating some of the information you tell your chat partner. This way they get what they were after, but you remain emotionally uninvolved. 

You meet someone who wants to feel good at your expense.

This type of chat partner won’t necessarily make it obvious at first, but they really just want to let you know that they’re smarter, cooler, or richer than you are. They might try to bait you into a name-dropping contest, which they fully expect to win. Whether it’s their vehicle, home, or vacation, they always seem to have the latest and greatest at their disposal.

You could surprise them if you actually had a fancier car, bigger house, or more luxurious vacation than they did…even if you really didn’t. This is a petty move, sure, but all’s fair in love and war; maybe they just picked the wrong chat partner to stroke their ego. 

You meet someone who tries to bully you.

Narcissism is one thing, but bullying is another – and it’s something that’s a bit harder to deal with. What you can do, however, is avoid giving them information to use against you. If someone seems curious about your insecurities, bad past experiences, or even public gaffes, they might be trying to determine if you’re ripe for the picking. 

What will your response be? As usual, you don’t owe them anything; if you aren’t comfortable with where the conversation is going, you can put them on a false trail, or find a different chat partner. And the good news is, no matter what kind of person is messing up your day, there’s probably a better one right around the corner!

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