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A New tutorial to Fix Keyboard app, when it's not working or you can't type properly. This article will help you to Fix Keyboard lag.
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Android keyboard lag is one of the things that I suffered from. Eventually, I figured out five simple steps that you can also apply on your smartphone that will help you fix keyboard lag on Android & ios or any cell phone or smartphone device. 

In this article, I am breaking down all the five steps that could be a lifesaver in fixing the Android keyboard lagging issue.

How to Fix Keyboard App Lag Android and iOS

Reasons for Keyboard Lag?

Keyboard Lag is mainly caused by three main reasons, which I already share in this article.

If you avoid these three reasons, you will never find lag on your smartphone device, even with the keyboard.

BEFORE you go and read, Why is the phone keyboard lagging? Please read this. That gives you more clarity about it.

How to Fix Keyboard App Lag Android and iOS

Moreover, if you are using Google Keyboards, all the phone’s default keyboards, it doesn’t matter whether these methods can be used and applied to all these keyboard apps for Android. Let’s get started. 

1. Stop Using Auto Functions in Keyboard

I know many users use the auto-correction or auto-correct feature on their smartphones. 

just avoid doing this on smartphone

Even some of us are using the auto-capitalization, which comes with a great responsibility on our smartphone to correct us every time we make a mistake, or maybe you are not using the capital letter, so the phone has to make it or turn it into the capital right?

So when your phone has too many loads (process and apps running in the background).

Just take this scenario: When Instagram is opened, and you are chatting or searching anything on Google, two tasks are running in the background. Eventually, your keyboard is running and taking too much RAM and giving loads on the processor.

Here are two things to TURN OFF

You can follow these articles that will help you turn it off by turning it off if you can aggressively fix the keyboard lag issue.

But before you go back, make sure you read all the four steps. 

2. Avoid Using Themes

Here’s the fact: Most people prefer a theme on their keyboard app instead of a normal keyboard. Keyboard App could be just a normal colored one or can be the funky and adventurous one.

simba pleasing

Themes increase the pressure on the smartphone, who’s already suffering from Smartphone lag. 

My friend from America, specifically from New York, made the same mistake. He uses his selfie on the keyboard. You don’t believe me.

See the screenshot which I requested him to send me.

my friend's keyboard app theme

Stop using Skins or Themes; these are the speed breaks in your typing.

3. Clear cache and Restart

clear data of app
restart your phone

Clearing cache and restarting is one of my BD-in-action steps when anything starts lagging or your app starts crashing on Android.

Real-Life Example:

its our secret gif

Recently one of my friends, Mathew, also went through the same process and eventually fixed the Amazon app slow-down issue because his app was continuously crashing and restarting repeatedly. He fixed it by reading Backdroid’s How-to articles. 

If you are facing the keyboard lag issue on Android or any operating system, you must first clear the keyboard app’s cache. Here is a guide for it

And secondly, you have to restart the device just after clearing out the junk data of the keyboard app.

ALERT: make sure you don’t clear out all the app data because that will remove the dictionary words and words you use very frequently.

4. Use the lite keyboard app.

use lite apps

Don’t forget why brands launch their lite version of apps because they eventually reduce lag and reduce the load on the smartphone. 

The same thing applied to Facebook. Also, if you are using the Facebook full version and when you switch back to the lite FB, you will probably feel the biggest change. It’s the performance and the UI and UX.

So, when you are facing lag on your primary keyboard app, try to switch it with the Google keyboard app or any other keyboard app which comes under 15 to 10 MB.

5. No Ads Keyboard Apps

use no ads apps or without ads

Another thing that is very necessary when it comes to keyboard apps is to ensure that your keyboard apps don’t show up with ads.

If you are a keyboard app that shows an ad while you are using the app, then probably this will ruin your experience and the performance too. From the performance point of view, don’t use apps that come with ads.

Same as if some use Android launchers but it lag then he/she needs to use No Ads Launcher.

6. Update the app and smartphone software

I know you might think I am ridiculous but here is why I am saying this.

phone updates

One of my uncles, I call “Uncle Super.” So uncle super one day called me and said: hello Kunal, suddenly my smartphone, keyboard app, and everything is working too slow, so they can’t even use it. 

my uncle
This is my Uncle. Uncle Super.

Uncle super is a fast typer, but when the smartphone in the keyboard app starts lagging, they can’t even type a sentence in 10 minutes because their app is lagging. 

They couldn’t do anything, but everything was solved when they called me. 

So I went to their home and updated this smartphone’s apps and software, resulting in a smooth performance with fewer loads on RAM and the processor. 


These are the top 5 steps that helped me reduce keyboard lag while typing or even when using it less frequently.

I hope this article will help you fix the Android Keyboard app issue, and we’ll make a separate article for the Gboard or Swift keyboard lag issue. But for now, you can use these steps too.

Today’s main aim is to solve the Keyboard app Lag, or the thing most people usually suffer from is phone keyboard lagging or working so slow that you can’t even do it.

Have a nice day. Before you go, let us know: Which keyboard app are you using?

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