A Easy Answer: How do you know if someone deactivated their Instagram?

How many times does it happen when you figure out your friend’s profile on Instagram but you find nothing and there is a question that stumbles into the mind how to know if someone deactivated their Instagram? 

That’s a great question: How do we know if someone deleted or deactivated their Instagram account?

How do you know if someone deactivated their Instagram

I have a lot of instances where people deactivated their accounts. And I know exactly how to check if someone deactivated their Instagram account. 

So let’s get started. 

1. Visiting the Profile.

So the first thing is visiting the profile whenever any person deactivates their account you want to see their Instagram account and even you can’t find it. 

However, if you look into a child’s account you’ll find their account but when you tap on the name you find nothing Instagram will show you an “Instagram user” instead of the actual username. 

That means the person has deactivated their Instagram account. Maybe this is for temporary or permanent reasons. 

However, the same thing happens when someone blocked.

2. Check from Other Account.

Open the person’s profile in any browser or from a different Instagram account. If you can see the actual username and see their profile picture then definitely they haven’t deleted the account they blocked you. 

But if you can’t see the username that means the person has deactivated the account. 

You can’t send them messages.

When any Instagram user deactivated their account with them for temporary or permanent you can’t send them messages. 

For the very recent instance of a friend, Usha deactivated her account for studies and I was sharing and reel but I can find an account. 

That’s because you can’t share anything with the deactivated Instagram account and you can’t even message them. 

So the moment when you can’t share reels/posts or even you can’t message them this means the person has deactivated the account. 

The last thing that you could do is check from your friend’s Instagram whether they can see the profile or find it from a search.¬†Also read: Ohh Gosh! Reset Instagram Explore Page Using this way 2022; Easily!

If your friend also didn’t find the account then definitely it means they have been deactivated Instagram.

These are the three main factors to check if a person deactivated Instagram or not. If they deactivated their account you can’t see the username, can’t message, and can’t see the profile. 

That’s all from my side via insta.backdroid.com A blog that is specially dedicated to Instagram.

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