Com.Android.Server.Telecom : Exactly What you should know!

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Have you ever been curious about Probably yes! Also you might have some question like; in google activity?, how do i use and many more.

In today’s article, I am gonna break down what does and how it works with some relatable examples. 

What is is also known as the phone or the dialler app. Which is responsible for managing calls on Android devices. is its telecom framework which includes SIM Based is calls, VOIP Calls.

For the relatable example, you can think of a person who manages all your clients. On the other hand, you manage some special clients. These clients which you are managing are more important. 

Moreover, is another framework of Android which is responsible for transferring audio from the phone. Also, it controls the phone modem. So that’s all about Android Server Telecom.

What does Com Android Server Telecom do?

In other words: This is the bundle (package) of your “phone” system app. This is used to manage your online & offline call activity. Google saves your search data if you’re signed in to Gmail or the play store. Not only Google, the keyboards you’re using save your keystrokes without your permission!!! Learn more about this. android.telecom at Android Developers.

When both the frameworks come together and work then we can make calls on our phones. Because one is responsible for dialing numbers in connecting to another framework. The other framework is responsible for transferring our audio to another device and for controlling the phone modem also. 

A Short Description on com. android.server.telecom

So the essence of this is is the framework of a phone app which we generally use to dial numbers and to call anyone. That is the component that does the phone calls.

On the other hand framework is used to transfer your audio and also controls the phone modem.

Understanding Deeply

If you want to learn something deeply then this is for you: 

It is the default inbuilt framework of Android. The Android Telecom framework is responsible for managing calls on an Android device. This can include SIM-based calls using the Telephony framework, VOIP calls using SIP (e.g. the SipConnectionServices), or via a third-party VOIP ConnectionSerive. Telecom acts as a switchboard, routing calls and audio focus between connection provided by connection service implementations, and InCallService implementations which provide a user interface for calls.

So when you call or receive the call used. 

What is com android server telecom?

It is a part of your system used for your ability to call someone either through the SIM modem or WIFI modem. It is a part of your system functions to give you the ability to call someone. It is not something to conceal your history of searches on an Android phone. If you go on the net you are using one of those two modems and to use one of those two modems they need software to make them work and to talk to the operating system. The same if you place an internet or carrier network-based phone call, you will use either of these two modems and they need this for the same reason.

Final Words

I hope this article solves all your queries about framework. Even when I was new and I saw that com android server telecom I thought what was it. 

Then I started learning about it and finally, I knew everything about it and I should share some of the precious and easy-to-understand things with you. 

Let me know in the comments what are your thoughts about how you knew about it. 

How do I use com android server telecom?

You might wondering how do you used this com android server telecom? You didn’t used this but your phone did. It is a Framework for android to dial numbers. If you had recently used dialer app then it’s known as You can use com android server telecom to make phone calls. This is a framework for the dialer app. Which is generally used to dial any phone number and to call anyone. is safe or not?

If you are seeing com android server telecom that means it is the dialer app. That is the component that does the phone calls. So there is nothing to worry about. And it is also known as the Call App. 

Why in google activity?

If you found in google activity then no need to worry. It’s completely safe. This is a framework for Android to dial numbers and make calls. It is the codename of your default phone dialer app. Also, it is the framework for Android OS that helps us to manage our calls. 

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