Learn Why Camera App Not Working [Fix camera not working]

Learn why camera app not working. The Solutions. These are the major reasons why camera is not working; Fix it with tried & tested steps.
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Is your camera app not working or not opening? It can’t decide what error your device is facing. But it’s my guarantee and my surety to fix your camera app is not working issue. Because I know it’s tough when your camera is not working because sometimes the camera is not opening at all. 

I have gone through that period and I know how it feels. That’s why I am writing this. In today’s article, I am going to break down how to fix if the camera is not working or the default camera app is not working. 

There could be thousands of reasons behind this but there are few easy solutions that you should try at least once. Before solutions let’s see the reasons.

So let’s see what are the reasons then we will move on to the solutions

Why Camera App Not Working  

There could be a few misconfigurations with the camera app. Sometimes it could be a bug, device problem, outdated version, etc. On the other hand, there are some solutions to fix it. 

Now rather than thinking about why camera app is not working just think about how to fix it and below is the complete and easy-to-follow tutorial. 

How to Fix Camera App Not Working 

Above I already mentioned a few reasons why the camera app won’t work. Now here are the few solutions that you should use to resolve it.

  1. Clear the cache of your default camera app and clear all data of it. 
  2. Use any third-party camera app
  3. Reboot your device into safe mode > Then Force Stop Camera app > Then come back to normal mode. 
  4. Check if any update is available for the default camera app. 
  5. At last, update your Android version to make the camera app start working again.

That’s it! These are the few solutions that everybody should try on their smartphone. 

Why does the default camera app not work? 

Is there a default camera app that is not working? In many cases if the camera app is not working this is probably because of a bug, recently changed settings, kind of misconfiguration or the camera app is running on an outdated version. 

Did you know that every app that exists on your smartphone is once a gadget? I think that’s interesting whether you see the calculator, clock, map, Amazon, camera, etc. 

I hope you found this tutorial to be helpful. Let me know in the comments if this works for you. And you know What only 0.01% of the people I will comment on here. 

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