Reason Why LTE/4G/VoLTE not showing! Simple solutions to fix it

With the evolving technology Network Speeds are getting faster day by day. But Some people are still enjoying the 4G’s Blazing speed. Or they don’t want to upgrade, but that’s alright if the 4G network is fast enough to beat 5G! Suddenly the Internet Speed sucks just because 4G is Not Showing/LTE Not Working/Volte Not Showing. There is a list of the reasons which could be the culprit: Why is LTE/4G/Volte not showing or working. 

This article has all the potential reasons why these issues are causing. You can easily follow this guide which may result in Working 4G, LTE, Volte. Although it has some strong facts that may create these errors on your smartphone. 

Mostly this issue is caused by the settings whether it’s SIM card settings or network settings. Every device has some advanced features which work in the background. That feature can swift the network type from 4G LTE (Volte) to 2G/3G. 

The major reason why 4G is not showing is the Auto Network Selectors, Which automatically select network type when there’s any network issue. Suppose if 4G is causing the Voice calls problem then it will automatically swift it to 3G/2G. That’s the main reason why the 4G sign is not showing on the network bars. 

Volte. This feature is generally used to make High definition voice calls using the 4G connection. If Volte Stopped showing then this could be due to some network upgrades in your locality, or it has been turned off. 

How to Fix If LTE/4G/Volte Not Showing or Working? 

If that’s the scenario then you should and must try all the below steps. 


1. Turn On and Off, Airplane Mode 

Yup! That’s a small task but if you implement this on your phone then this could easily fix LTE or volte not showing. 

  1. Turn On the Airplane Mode and wait until the network stopped showing (wait until the network bars switched into airplane icon)
  2. Now turn it off after 2-5 Minutes. This might fix this problem.

2. Reselecting Preferred Network Connection

Change preferred network type

Every smartphone has different bands which control network stability. If your device Initially shows 4G now it stops showing it. Then the main culprit is the Preferred Network Connection because it changes it whenever there’s a low or poor signal strength of 4G to GSM or WCDMA. 

  1. Open Settings 
  2. Find & Select SIM Card & Mobile Data 
  3. Then Tap on the Default Mobile Data SIM card.
  4. Here you will see Preferred Network Type > Tap on it. 
  5. Now select 4G/3G/2G to get 4G. 

I don’t recommend selecting only 4G because this may cause voice call errors, interrupted calls. 

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3. Enabling VoLTE From Mobile Settings

Enable VoLTE

In some cases, if you don’t suffer settings properly or kind of carelessly then volte could stop showing. 

To enable volte from the settings follow the given below procedure. 

  1. Open Mobile Settings. 
  2. Now Select Sim Card and Mobile data > Select Mobile Data SIM card 
  3. Here Tap on Enable Volte Calls to make the volte start showing back. 

4. At last Reset Network Settings to Fix All Network Problems

Yes, It really works. Resetting these can be beneficial because resetting them will bring the default settings which are strongly recommended by the company. 

Reset Network Settings

So, you can try this, it won’t delete any of your data. 

  • Open Settings > Additional Settings 
  • Here Scroll Down & select backup & reset 
  • Then Select Reset Network Settings. And reset it. 

This could literally fix almost all network-related issues. It won’t delete data. Here’s What does Reset Network Settings do?.

Why does my phone have no signal bars?

If your phone has no signal bars, chances are it can be fixed by restarting the device, inserting the SIM or clearing the cache of the SIM Toolkit. If still shows no signal then ask the telecom operators about the issue

Why is LTE not showing up on my iphone?

If the LTE sign is not showing up, chances are it can be fixed by restarting the phone, enabling LTE from settings or asking the telecom operator about it.

Why is volte not coming in my phone?

If the VoLTE sign is not showing up, chances are it can be fixed by restarting the phone, enabling LTE from settings or asking the telecom operator about it. It can also resolve using the default network settings or by resetting the network settings.

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That’s it for the article. Today I had mentioned Why LTE,4G, Volte not showing or working. And also mentioned some steps to fix it.

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