5 Quick Fixes & Reason Why LTE/VoLTE is not showing

Learn Why 4G/LTE/VoLTE Not Showing/Working. The Real Reson; Also How to Fix 4G, LTE, VoLTE not showing or working. 4 Easy Steps.
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With the evolving technology, Network Speeds are getting faster day by day. But Some people are still enjoying the 4G’s Blazing speed. Or they don’t want to upgrade, but that’s alright if the 4G network is fast enough to beat 5G! Suddenly the Internet Speed sucks because 4G is Not Showing/LTE is Not Working/Volte is Not Showing. There is a list of the reasons which could be the culprit: Why is LTE/4G/Volte not showing or working? 

This article has all the potential reasons why these issues are causing. You can easily follow this guide which may result in Working 4G, LTE, and Volte. However, it has some vital facts that may create these errors on your smartphone.

Let’s do this in #Backdroid Style!

To fix the VoLTE or LTE not working, Firstly, Toggle the Airplane mode, then Reselecting the preferred network connection can also be helpful. Moreover, Enable VoLTE from settings. In the end, If nothing works, reset the network settings to it.

Mainly this issue is caused by the SIM card or network settings. Every device has some advanced features which work in the background. That feature can help speed the network from 4G LTE (Volte) to 2G/3G. 

Volte. This feature is generally used to make High definition voice calls using the 4G connection. If Volte Stopped shows, this could be due to network upgrades in your locality, or it has been turned off. 

The primary reason 4G is not showing is the Auto Network Selectors, Which automatically select network type when there’s any network issue. Suppose 4G is causing the Voice calls problem; it will become automatically swift it to 3G/2G. That’s why the 4G sign is not on the network bars. 

LTE (Long-Term Evolution) and VoLTE (Voice over LTE) can increase network performance in several ways:

  1. Increased data speeds: LTE provides higher data speeds than 3G or 2G networks, allowing for faster downloads and uploads of data.
  2. Improved spectral efficiency: LTE uses advanced modulation schemes and multiple antenna technologies, allowing more data to be transmitted using the same spectrum.
  3. Lower latency: LTE networks have lower latency than 3G or 2G networks, which means data packets are transmitted faster, resulting in quicker response times.
  4. Quality of Service (QoS): LTE and VoLTE provide better QoS than previous generations of mobile networks, which means the network can prioritize certain types of traffic (such as voice calls) to ensure a better user experience.
  5. Enhanced voice quality: VoLTE provides HD voice quality, meaning voice calls are more transparent and have higher fidelity than traditional voice calls over 2G or 3G networks.

Overall, LTE and VoLTE technologies provide a more efficient and faster network, allowing for improved user experience and higher data throughput.

If that’s the scenario, you should try all the steps below. 

4 Fixes to Apply in LTE/4G/VoLTE errors

Turn on and off airplane mode

1. Turn On and Off Airplane Mode 

Yup! That’s a small task, but if you implement this on your phone, then this could quickly fix LTE or volte not showing. 

  1. Turn On the Airplane Mode and wait until the network stops showing (wait until the network bars switch into the airplane icon).
  2. Now turn it off after 2-5 Minutes. This might fix this problem.

2. Reselecting Preferred Network Connection

Change preferred network type

Every smartphone has different bands which control network stability. If your device Initially shows 4G, now it stops showing it. Then the main culprit is the Preferred Network Connection because it changes it whenever there’s a low or poor signal strength of 4G to GSM or WCDMA. 

  1. Open Settings 
  2. Find & Select SIM Card & Mobile Data 
  3. Then Tap on the Default Mobile Data SIM card.
  4. Here you will see Preferred Network Type > Tap on it. 
  5. Now select 5G/4G/3G/2G to get 4G. 

I don’t recommend selecting only 4G because this may cause voice call errors and interrupted calls.

3. Enabling VoLTE From Mobile Settings

Enable VoLTE

In some cases, if you don’t suffer settings properly or carelessly, volte could stop showing. 

To enable volte from the settings, follow the given below procedure. 

  1. Open Mobile Settings. 
  2. Now Select Sim Card, and Mobile data > Select Mobile Data SIM card. 
  3. Here Tap on Enable Volte Calls to make the volte start showing back. 

4. At last, Reset Network Settings to Fix All Network Problems

Yes, It works. Resetting these can be beneficial because resetting them will bring the default settings strongly recommended by the company. 

Reset Network Settings

So, you can try this; it won’t delete any of your data. 

  • Open Settings > Additional Settings 
  • Here Scroll Down & select backup & reset 
  • Then Select Reset Network Settings. And reset it. 

15 Quick Ways Fix LTE/VoLTE Not Showing On Your Device

Here are some steps to try and fix the issue of LTE/4G/VoLTE not showing on your device:

  1. Ensure your device is compatible with LTE/4G/VoLTE technology.
  2. Check if your device’s software is up-to-date and supports LTE/4G/VoLTE.
  3. Ensure your device is set to a network mode supporting LTE/4G/VoLTE.
  4. Check if LTE/4G/VoLTE coverage is available in your current location.
  5. Contact your carrier to ensure your device is activated for LTE/4G/VoLTE service.
  6. Verify if your SIM card supports LTE/4G/VoLTE.
  7. Check if your carrier’s network is experiencing any technical difficulties.
  8. Move to an area with better network signal strength.
  9. Get your device’s antenna checked for any damage or malfunction.
  10. Check your device’s settings to ensure LTE/4G/VoLTE is not disabled.
  11. Contact your carrier to verify if LTE/4G/VoLTE service is available in your area.
  12. Check if your device has a network lock restricting LTE/4G/VoLTE access.
  13. Verify if your carrier has suspended or terminated LTE/4G/VoLTE service.
  14. Make sure your account with the carrier is in good standing.
  15. Contact your carrier to register your device’s IMEI number for LTE/4G/VoLTE service.

4. Reasons Why VoLTE is Not Showing or Working

If VoLTE (Voice over LTE) is not showing on your phone, there are a few possible reasons:

  1. Your phone may not be compatible with VoLTE: Not all phones are VoLTE compatible. Check with your phone manufacturer or carrier to see if your phone supports VoLTE.
  2. Your carrier may not support VoLTE: VoLTE requires carrier support, so if your carrier doesn’t offer VoLTE service in your area or for your specific phone, you won’t be able to use it.
  3. Your phone may not have the latest software update: Make sure your phone has the latest software update, as some older software versions may not have VoLTE functionality.
  4. VoLTE may be disabled in your phone’s settings: Check your phone’s settings to see if VoLTE is enabled. Depending on your phone and carrier, you may need to turn on VoLTE in your phone’s settings to use it.

You may be in an area with poor network coverage: VoLTE requires a strong LTE signal to work correctly. If you’re in an area with poor network coverage, VoLTE may not be available.

Try these steps one by one until you identify and fix the issue. If none of the above steps work, you may need to contact your carrier or take your device to a professional technician for further assistance.

This could fix almost all network-related issues. It won’t delete data. Here’s What Reset Network Settings do.

Summing Up all the ways to Fix VoLTE and LTE not working

  • Toggle Airplane Mode.
  • Reselecting Preferred Network Connection.
  • Enabling VoLTE from Settings.
  • Restart the device a few times.
  • Reinsert the SIM Card.
  • At last, Reset Network Settings to Fix All Network Problems

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That’s it for the article. Today I mentioned Why LTE,4G, and Volte are not showing or working. And I also mentioned some steps to fix it.

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