Management- An Overview of Business Management

Today you have a small business or a big business venture, for it to continue working properly, it is necessary that it should work systematically, and this system is called management, we can understand its definition in such a way that it is a process. In which activities like planning, organizing, leading, and controlling are used to achieve their goals so that the functioning of the organization or business venture continues smoothly. Simply management is a précised process under which planning, organizing, staffing, controlling, and leading is done. Managers are hired to do the work of management smoothly, whose only objective is to improve the organization and increase productivity.

Management is about fulfilling the objectives of the organization and keeping a close eye on every aspect of it. Management is art with help of which works get done by others in a systematic way. Management is all about team effort where executives to managers, all are dedicated to goals and targets set by owners. This is because the organization runs more smoothly when the whole team works instead of a single one.

The management prepares the plan of action so that each part of an organization is divided into its work and purpose so that when all those departments combine their part of the work by doing better and smoothly, then the objectives are achieved within the stipulated time frame. Management also needs more people than the managers, as there are many parts of a machine, the motor may be due to which the whole machine will run, but for its smooth working, many small and big components are also engaged in the machine. For those who fully support the motor, then it works like a machine. Similarly, managers also need accountants, HR, clerks, people for production, etc., whose teamwork leads to managers’ management.

Management helps every institution in the proper execution of its tasks. Apart from the corporate world, the education industry is the best example of management where the total curriculum is managed by the school management. School management decides everything for the smooth running of the schools. They have a team of experts who design the curriculum including courses, syllabus, and activities that lead students to achieve their education in a proper manner. For example, when a pandemic hit the nation, it was the responsibility of school management to decide how to make students get their education regularly like earlier and their year should not get wasted. They made a plan and started educating students with the help of an online classes app. They prepared a strategic plan to deliver course material and created enthusiasm among students to use online classes app so that students even can enjoy their studies with this new method.

Management is called the art of arts because it gathers different kinds of people with different mindsets with various talents and inspires them to utilize all their talents and efforts to achieve their goals as a team and deliver the best results. Simultaneously it is also called science because like a science equation it works systematically to find the most relevant method to remove any kind of hurdle in the way of achieving a goal or objective.

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In management three levels work in a hierarchy to achieve the goals set. Where top-level management includes owners of the organizations that can be a sole person or whole board of directors who decide a plan of action for the objectives and set the goals for the next level management which is called middle-level management.

Middle-level management includes those experts who with the help of their experience, planning, and strategies, carry out the plan of action set by top-level management and execute their strategies towards their subordinates and next-level team.

Next-level management includes many small and big units under middle-level management. This level of management is called lower-level management. Their responsibility is to execute all the essential instructions and plans of action instructed by middle-level management. Under this process, lower-level management works on a daily basis where they make workers and all small units engaged in production work on a daily basis and give their best effort to the production of products or delivery of service properly. 

The above-stated level of management states that management works in a line of the hierarchy so that steps to achieve the goal should be customized and any error between this process can be traced in a jiffy.

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