Messenger Keeps Stopping/Crashing? Here’s How to Fix it

Are you thinking why my messenger keeps stopping and crashing? Last time when Facebook was down all the apps which are owned by Facebook were down. That was the time when Messenger crashed worldwide. Because Facebook’s servers were down. But now servers are working and if still the messenger crashing on messenger keeps stopping that means there is some problem.

And to fix that problem we are here. Today in this article I am gonna teach you how to fix messenger stops or how to fix messenger keeps crashing. Both mean the same. The basic difference is in the first term Facebook messenger keeps stopping which means the app is stopping and in the term crashing you can think of an app automatically closing. 

First of all, let’s see what are the reasons why Facebook messenger keeps stopping or why Facebook’s messenger app keeps crashing. 

The Reason Why Messenger Keeps Stopping or Keeps Crashing 

These are some primary reasons behind every app crash whether it’s WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. 

Lots of users have faced it many times, but when I started using my techniques that I discovered gradually I fixed all these errors. You can also do so. 

Below are the few reasons behind messenger keeps crashing or continuously stopping when you are using it.  

  • Corrupted or old app data. 
  • Not using an updated app. 
  • Your system is running on old updates on not being updated yet. 
  • The app is stored on an SD card. 

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These are the reasons which could be the culprit behind your problem. Now let’s see how to fix it. 

How to Fix Messenger Keeps Stopping/Crashing Repeatedly 

Even some users face this error repeatedly back to back. But nowhere is a solution, 5 easy steps that you should follow to fix the Messenger continuously stopping or crashing. 

Restart Your Phone 

Restarting is one of the best techniques that I recommend to every beginner who wants to fix app continuously crashing issues whether it is an app. 

Restart Phone

This is one of the primary reasons why Android starts lagging and also it makes your phone charge slowly. So restart your phone several times a week to maintain the decent performance of your smartphone and for your smartphone’s good health. 

Clearing Cache Data 

Sometimes the reason messenger keeps crashing is the old cache data that is stored on your smartphone which is serving or running the app. 

For example: if a messenger needs to load the stored profiles or the messages it will use the storage that he had previously written all the messages in. And if the data is corrupted and it is restoring that corrupted data definitely, the app will crash. 

To fix this messenger keep stopping you need to clear the cache and the whole data of the app but remember one thing you will be logged out from your logged-in account so know your password before clearing all data. 

Updating to New Version 

Many times users don’t update their installed apps but that does not fit in the tech era. In this Era apps and technologies keep upgrading day by day. Apps are getting a lot of features and if you are not updating them, you will be out of the community because you can’t use those apps on the new features that others are using and enjoying. 

So update your messenger app to fix it. Moving onto the next step which is: don’t use beta apps. 

Don’t Use Beta Apps 

Beta program messenger

Many times I find out there is an option in Play Store when you select any app and scroll down to the bottom you will find a join button for the beta program. A beta program is a program in which all the new updates which are released for the beta users have access to them earlier than anyone. 

So usually people sign up for this. But suddenly when their apps start crashing they don’t see that they have signed up for the beta program which may be the reason why the app is crashing because it has some new features and their testing on you. After all, you have signed up for it. 

If you have tried all the ways and seen lots of YouTube videos on how to fix messenger keep stopping on messenger crashing but still nothing works that means you have signed up for the beta program. 

So sign out from the beta program and uninstall and again install the Messenger App in order to fix the crashing problem that you are facing. 

Report to Developer 

If still, you are not lucky enough to fix that problem, the last in the final step that I can recommend is to report your problem to the app developers. 

Contact Messenger's developers

Yes, you can report any problem or bug of any app to their developers in Play Store if you search for the app that you are facing and tap on it and then scroll down there is an About section of the app where you will find the email address of the app developer you can contact them. 

And remember to tell them everything that you are facing with screenshots so that they will fix this problem for your device particularly. 

That’s it. This is how you can fix Facebook messenger keeps stopping on Facebook messenger keep crashing error. 

I hope you found this article useful. If it is then let me know in the comments. Only 0.05% of people will Comment, but there is still hope. 

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