Minecraft Lag Fix: 5 Easy Steps to Fix lag Permanently

Now Fix Lag in Minecraft ;(PE, Bedrock, Java). The tutorial on fixing & reducing lag in minecraft; 2GB, 3GB; All Phone. Learn to reduce lag.
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Minecraft lag Fix; Is your Minecraft lagging or keeps lagging when any creature like a mob, or a zombie appear.

Just like this one!

Many times people suffer from frame drops in Minecraft even when there were times when it stopped working; here’s a solution for all of that. Yes for all of that.

So, Today I’m going to show you How to Fix Lag in Minecraft. You can follow these steps on Android, Minecraft PE, or any other Minecraft version like bedrock or even on pc. I have already written a few articles like; How to fix lag BGMI or PUBG, which more than 51000 found useful so here’s a guide to Fix Minecraft lag.

Today I’ll share 5 Easy Steps to Fix Lag in Minecraft permanently.

How to Fix Lag in Minecraft – 5 Easy Steps

Don’t worry about this; We are not going to share all the basic steps that you already found on some other websites. These steps will be the most unique & useful technique to Reduce Minecraft lag on any Android or any smartphone.

1. Free up space

Do you know that just by freeing up space you can reduce your lag in Minecraft issues up to 18-26% that’s what we want right? A lag-free Minecraft gameplay. You might have a question now, What do I need to do exactly?

Clean internal storage

So, You have to transfer all large media files like videos, photos & even apps to external storage. Because if Minecraft has installed the internal storage & if it’s completely used & full by these files then definitely Minecraft will lag.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to do it.

2. Enable 4X MSAA & Decrease Animation Scale to 0.5

By enabling 4xMSAA you can increase the fluency in Minecraft games(Pocket edition, JAVA & bedrock) because enabling it also enables the Anti-Lag Feature which somehow increases your device performance whenever you are doing or playing games on your mobile.

How to Turn On Turn 4X MSAA & Decrease Animation Scale to 0.5

Just enable this setting so first of all, you need to go to your mobile settings then about the phone & tap 7-15 times on the build number then a new version of your settings will be unlocked. 

To find the developer option > Open Settings > Additional settings > Developer Options > Here scroll down to the bottom and Enable 4X MSAA & Decrease Animation Scale to 0.5.

3. Apps to Install

uninstall apps and games

This is the most underrated technique because people think that by uninstalling unwanted apps they can’t fix lag in Minecraft but here is the truth: Uninstalling unwanted apps clears the internal storage and that will reduce the load on the device

Moreover, I already told you that it increases your device performance by 18 to 23% so you should uninstall all the unwanted apps from your device.

4. Low sensitivity

This is one of the things that most people ignore. YOu can take an example of any game, if the sensitivity is high then definitely you can view it faster.

minecraft sensitivity

But on the other hand, It increases the load on RAM & processor which results in Minecraft Lag or Frame drop-in Minecraft. So what to do then?

Here’s What to do when Minecraft lags; Try to decrease the sensitivity of Minecraft this applies to all the versions of Minecraft whether it’s PC or Smartphone. Decreasing the sensitivity in the game can reduce the lag significantly.

5. Fully Charged

If you are the person whose phone always stays below 50%, then Sir/Ma’am you’re making a huge mistake! How?

flat lay shot of two white chargers
Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

When the device is not fully charged then it won’t work the same as when the device is fully charged.

Read this; For instance, If your stomach is full & you’re not hungry then you’ll be in a good mood, be more productive, and Can work for a long time.

The same applies to smartphones too. So make sure to charge the device fully before using it. Believe it or not, it increases Minecraft performance significantly.

ATTENTION: Is your smartphone charging slowly? Here’s 3 steps to charge 29% faster

6. Use Any Game Booster

use game booster to fix lag bgmi

Do you know what a game booster is? Or What game booster does your smartphone have?

A booster helps devices to reduce the background running tasks & even helps main apps/games to run more smoothly and fluently.

So, try to use a game booster app! But Wait there are thousands of apps which to use?

Here are 2 Game boosters I recommend

These are my favourite game booster apps which I used earlier. This will help you to Boost Minecraft performance & eventually reduce lag in Minecraft.

My Recommended Game Booster

Flash dog
  • Flash Dog Booster


That’s all from my side. But remember here’s what you have to follow.

To Fix Minecraft lag & to improve gaming performance, chances are the lag can be quickly fixed by clearing out excess data stored or clearing the phone’s cache and deleting any unused apps. The phone may require a system update to get it back up to speed, although older phones may not be able to run the latest software properly.

Now, Bye-bye! Make sure to follow all of them then let me know in the comment; What’s your experience with these tips?

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