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Get brown dye in minecraft: in seconds 1-2-3 boom!

Hey! Minecrafters what’s up? want to know how to get brown dye in Minecraft? 

Today I’m gonna do one of the more unusual dyes in Minecraft but at least it’s worth checking out and that is the brown dye.

So why don’t we get started? So let’s talk about brown dye and Minecraft.

How to get brown dye in Minecraft

cocoa pods minecraft

So the only way to get brown dye is through coca beans and basically, you can get cocoa beans from cocoa pods. 

I feel like I’m gonna say that word again and again.

Where to find cocoa beans in Minecraft

They basically appear in jungle biomes so you can place cocoa beans on the side of a jungle log. This will create a cocoa pod as you can see right in front of you. It has three stages and when it reaches its last stage it’s an orange-brown and it’s increased in size.

cocoa pods increased size

So at the first two stages, it only drops one bean but at stage three it drops two to three beans. You can actually move it forward in the stages with a bone meal.

How to farm brown dye Minecraft

And it’ll actually drop beans if it’s struck by flowing water, if it’s pushed by a piston or if the log is removed so these are actually very hard to farm so you kind of have to manually farm.

Then as you can see there it’s a bit bigger and bigger and that’s the final stage so when I do that I’m in creative mode so it didn’t do anything but it’s a bit hard to do farming for cocoa beans.

cocoa beans
Cocoa beans look like this.

You almost have to yet because you have to plant the seeds on the side of the log but you can do farms where there’s flowing water and it harvest sand or you can also do Pistons so as you can see here you can also get cocoa beans through fishing. Here is how to find pufferfish, enchantment, potion, trading.

If you have an onion chanted fishing-rod it’s one percent this is in the junk category but if you increase the enchantment of luck of sea so luck of c1 is point eight percent and at level three of luck of the seat goes down 2.4% this is only in the jungle biome if you’re fishing in the jungle biome that you can get cocoa beans in the junk category.

How to craft brown dye in Minecraft

okay, so what I’m going to do is I’m just gonna create some brown dye so I’m going to take the cocoa beans here and as you can see here’s the dye and the cocoa beans create one brown dye and the other thing is you can’t mix the brown dye with any other dyes to create a third dye.

brown dye recipe

I think it’s the only primary dye, especially where you can’t do that, so it’s only the brown dye in itself, so that was the brown dye in Minecraft.

I hope that was helpful for you guys. It’s pretty straightforward, honestly just basically craft cocoa beans into the brown dye. It’s more about understanding how to farm cocoa beans if you want a lot of brown dye.

There are some good tutorials online if you want to check that out. If you like this post please give me a comment if you want me to keep producing content.

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