Lectern Minecraft: recipe, uses, redstone, how to craft lectern

How to Craft and Use a Lectern in Minecraft, In this article, I will show you how to craft a lectern in Minecraft, and then how to use a lectern in Minecraft.

Lectern Minecraft

Hello everyone, welcome back everyone! To Minecraft guide today we’re doing another tutorial, an easy tutorial for beginners any beginner can do this today we’re going to be making the lectern so let me show you how to craft a lectern.

Lectern recipe Minecraft

So let’s start from the beginning so first we need to put that down and we need a few things so first of all, we need a lot of wood. We don’t need that much wood but hey let’s do it anyway we also need some slabs, could be any kind of wood.

how to make a lectern minecraft

I’ll just let you know it doesn’t matter what kind of wood you use for this you just need that alright so now we’ve got the wood now we need books and you can do that that so we need three books and that’s all we need for books now what we need next is the three books and wood.

So we have a bookshelf now that we have our bookshelf. This part is pretty easy. You just put that right there, take these and we’ll just take one of these and there we go there’s our lectern.

How to make a bookshelf in order to make lectern

how to make a bookshelf

Uses if lectern in Minecraft 

lectern tutorial

The lectern is used to hold a book that’s viewable by anyone, make a villager a librarian, and can be used as a Redstone signal source! Check out this Minecraft lectern tutorial.

Now let’s put our lectern down. How do you use this? Now there are a couple of uses. The main one is, well, what we need is our book. I wrote the right book.

You can put it on the lectern and you can take it off so you’re right-click to put it on and you left-click to take it off now if you want to see let me put it on there first now you can read so I have six pages here you can read it in your own time and that’s about it that’s very simple.

Oh, multiple people can read this book at the same time. I should mention that there is one other user and that is with Redstone this creates a Redstone signal.

These are the absolute basics about how to craft and use a lectern but I should add one more thing: if you have a villager without a job, put this down near that villager and he’ll become a librarian.

Lectern Minecraft Redstone 

In this book now if you go all the way up to 15 you can see that all of these Redstone lamps are basically on the Redstone signal going all the way up to the comparator next to it. You can give out a Redstone signal up to 15 and this is divided by the number of pages written in the book.

lectern redstone

so if there are five pages in the book and you put it to page five you can put out a Redstone signal of 15 so this is kind of useful if you want to create a Redstone contraption and you want to select which one you can put what it is on each book and then depending on the signal it can put out that signal.

You know kind of turn that thing on so it’s kind of useful in that way so that was the lectern in Minecraft I hope that was helpful for you guys it’s pretty basic you can put poking quills written books on it and it gives out a Redstone signal that’s 15divided by whatever page you put it on.