Money Transfer Apps: International, India [Android] 2022

Money Transfer Apps 2022 : Money, Money, and Money we can buy things on money, to make our life smooth we need money and what if we need to transfer money from one bank to another, from one wallet to another you need a medium for that right? and what if I told you today I am gonna show you the best Money transfer app to use in India and also I will mention two international money transfer app that will help you to do international transactions. 

But from the past few years, online fraud is rapidly increasing. Apps are not getting safe but here you don’t need to worry because I am gonna show you today will be the safest Money transfer app that you can use to transfer your money.

Moreover, just by making transactions using these apps, you can earn cashback, scratch cards, and vouchers. 

So why are we waiting to get into the best Money transfer apps to use in India and also to use internationally?

Best Money Transfer Apps for India, International | Money Transfer Apps Download

So below are the top 5 min transfer apps that you can use in India to do transactions wire online transfer your money from one place to another easily. 

1. To Apps to do International money transfer | Money Transfer App International

So let’s get started with an international money transfer app that won’t charge you that much because if you go to a bank and tell them you have to transfer money from one country to another or overseas transfer then they will charge you hundreds of dollars but if you use these apps I won’t charge you that much.

1. TransferWise 


Transferwise is a London-based financial company that rebranded itself in 2021 to wise to offer international money transfers. They offer the transfer money to 150 + countries with the lowest cost. 

  • Simple money transfers from one bank account to another bank account.
  • Large money transfers easily.
  • International money transfers, providing quick and low-rate exchanges.

If you are thinking of transferring money here is the link you can check out.

So here is one of the most popular international money transfer apps that will help you to transfer overseas.

2. PayPal


Probably you heard about PayPal and PayPal is one of the best Money transfer apps when it comes to transaction speeds but they will cost you a lot if you need to transfer money urgently then this app will help you. 

I use PayPal to send and receive money from different countries.

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2. Money Transfer Apps to use in India | Money Transfer Apps India

Now let’s move onto the Indian Money transfer app to transfer your money.

4. Gpay 

google pay

Let me ask you a question: Which is the brand that everyone knows from kid to elders? Think about it for a moment and you will get Google. Everyone knows Google is the largest search engine and also offers different things like Gmail, YouTube, etc. 

And Google has an app called Gpay which means Google pays, does money transactions, and can earn rewards like cashback vouchers and many more. 

  • transactions are instant.
  • Money can be sent to and received directly from bank accounts.
  • Gpay Shield – multi-layered security with 24*7 protection from frauds.

So when you install this app you have to do the basic things like creating an account > set-up bank account > done. 

So here is the tutorial that helps you to create a Google pay account link to your bank account. 

5. Paytm 


Paytm is India’s money transfer app which is created in India. This app is well known in India. Everyone knows about Paytm. It got popular in 2014. 

This is a top-notch Money transfer app it has everything you can do lichen do money transactions from bank to bank. You can set yourself up and transfer money to anyone easily in just a few clicks.

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6. PhonePe 

phonepe money transfer app

So phonepe is the last Money transfer app that you can use in India and it is one of the most popular apps in India. You can perform all your money transfers easily and it has all the features that Paytm and Google pay had. 

So that’s it for today guys. Hopefully, it is the best international money transfer app and also I showed you today the 3 best Indian Money transfer apps. I hope that you like this post. If you have any queries, let me know in the comments below.

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