Moon+ Reader Pro App: No.1 Paid ebook reader app

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Do you like reading books and you want to read books anywhere in the world? So today we have one of the most impressive ebook reader apps with tons of features that make this app worth buying. 

But you will think that there are thousands of different apps available on the Play Store to read books, but what is so special about this app? Let’s speak this app review gradually up and at the end, you will get something interesting so stay tuned. Check out more Android Apps here.

So here is a short intro of moon plus reader Pro: 

Moon + Reader Pro 

Moon plus reader Pro is an ebook reader app The #1 Paid EBook Reader in Google Play. This app has everything that a reader wants. It’s an ebook app with rich features.

Moon plus reader Pro cost you around 600 rupees in India. It may vary in your country, but the main thing is it is one of the great reader apps; I like to read books and downloaded too many books online, and this app deserves buying for a reader.

App Name:  Moon+ Reader Pro
Genre Education
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Read all popular eBook file types 

Moon + Reader Pro”, can read almost all popular ebook file types such as EPUB, PDF, DJVU, AZW3, MOBI, FB2, PRC, CHM, CBZ, CBR, UMD, DOCX, ODT, RTF, TXT, HTML, WEBP, RAR, ZIP or OPDS formats

Blue light 

If you read lots of books on your smartphone, you will probably feel strain in your eyes but this app can fix this issue. If you use any other simple ebook reader app your eyes might strain a bit while reading for long hours but when you use the moon plus reader Pro app almost I still will never gonna happen because this reduced 30% of the blue light with their extremely classic and cool UI and theme

Everything is that simple 

2000 for free book reader app available on the Play Store and patterns of paid ebook reader apps are also available but this app is the lightest and the simplest one there are tons of just features that you can do you can adjust your brightness to using gesture Feature and that what touched my heart because I am too lazy to go into settings in adjusting things.

Better designed book reader with powerful controls 

If you had ever marked the important lines notes and underline them then this app will do this for you the tons of different things available that will help you to Mark things up, and you can even underline or bold the text or you can add a custom heading so that you can read next day from that custom heading you can bookmark them and lots of future like this. Also read: 5 Best Plagiarism Checking Apps for Android (Free & Paid).

You probably thought this feature should also be available in others and yes they are but there are tons of ADS after every use of the feature that was the bad thing about other ebook reader apps.

So that it gets today we (Backdroid) reviewed the moon plus reader Pro app that is available on the Google Play Store for 600 rupees or USD, if you are a bookworm then you must go with this app.

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