Netflix Stopping | Netflix Crashing? Here’s the Permanent Solution

Learn Netflix Stopping | Netflix Crashing; Permanent solution to fix; Netflix errors. Easy to follow tutorial; To fix netflix keeps stopping/crashing.
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Just for a second imagine you are going to watch one of the interesting Netflix web series and suddenly the Netflix app stopped working. The whole mood to watch that web series will be ruined. Even many people commented and shared the problem that the Netflix app stopped or Netflix kept crashing on their phones. 

That’s why in this tutorial I am gonna teach you how to fix Netflix stopping on Netflix crashing error permanently. This will save your time and also be easy to follow. This article is a part of a how-to guide

Permanent Solution for Netflix Stopping|Netflix Crashing 

There were a few reasons behind why Netflix keeps crashing and if Netflix crashes continuously then this could be a problem while watching web series or while opening the app. You need to fix this right then let’s move on to the actual tutorial.

1. Clear Cache 

cleaning cache of all apps

One of the most useful things that you could do when Netflix keeps stopping is clear the cache of Netflix. The cache is also known as temporary data if that data has been corrupted then the app will stop working. Because it will load corrupted data whenever you open the app. That’s why the app is gonna crash.  

So to fix the Netflix problem you can clear the cache of the Netflix app and here is the tutorial to clear the cache of any Android app

2. Restart Phone 

Restart Phone

One of the second most useful things that you could do is restart a smartphone. It doesn’t matter which phone you are using whether it came from the Android or iOS operating system you have to restart your smartphone whenever any app starts crashing. 

In our scenario, if the Netflix app keeps stopping or Netflix stopping then don’t forget to restart your smartphone several times. 

3. FreeUp Storage 

This is one of the most underrated methods but it works. It’s just like you have in your room and it is filled with different kinds of stuff like tables, beds, chairs and many other things. If you bring another table into that room it will be full. You can’t even enter the room. And that’s what happens to Netflix when it keeps stopping. 

Clean internal storage

Probably you have installed many apps on your smartphone and you don’t even have sufficient space to run those apps. So whenever you open the Netflix app it will crash because your smartphone doesn’t have that space to store more cache data there. Use this Smart feature to Save storage.

4. Reset Internet Settings 

If you have recently changed anything in your network settings and reset it ASAP. Network settings or internet settings are also responsible for app cache and app working. 

Reset network settings to fix hotspot not working

If the app is continuously crashing. Moreover, if it works with the Internet just like Netflix then if you have recently made any changes to your internet settings then don’t forget to reset it to the default state until and unless it is recommended by the company officials. 

I know some questions in your mind stumble right after I said reset internet settings. You can read here about what will happen after resetting network settings

Why does Netflix Keep Stopping/Crashing?

If the Netflix app keeps stopping this could be due to the bug or the old corrupted cache data. Moreover, this could be due to insufficient internal storage to run and store new cache data on a smartphone. 

Check netflix webseries.

These are some steps that you could try on your smartphone if Netflix keeps stopping or Netflix keeps crashing. By the way, I am Kunal Kashyap, the founder of I have written many how-to articles on different kinds of apps whether Instagram keeps stopping or YouTube uninstalls. 

Why does Netflix keep stopping?

If your Netflix keeps stopping or even crashing, chances are it can be fixed by clear cache out, logging out & logging in-again. Moreover, Netflix could crash due to excess storage usage

Why does Netflix keep stopping on my phone?

If netflix stops again & again on your phone, it can be fixed using Wi-fi. Even by clearing the app’s cache & updating netflix can also be a good step. The app could stop due to insufficient storage too, when the app requests the phone to store new cache (other) data but due to insufficient storage, the app could not store more data. 

Why isn’t Netflix working on my laptop?

If you can’t use netflix on a laptop, then chances are it could be fixed by Logging out then relogging into your account. Moreover, try to use a stable network connection or restart the laptop. However, some people report it to developers, it can also be a beneficial step.

Why isn’t Netflix working on smart tv?

The same things applies for Smart television, use a stable network connection or check whether their servers are up or not

I hope this article will be helpful for you and will fix your problem as soon as we apply these steps to fix Netflix keeps stopping/crashing. Have a nice day and enjoy your web series. 

By the way, let me know in the comments which web series you are going to watch? What are your recommendations for me to watch on Netflix let me know in the comments below. 

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