Q: Why am I not getting my emails on my Android phone? (gmail)

Right now, you're not getting emails on android, right? Then here’s how to fix it when you stop receiving emails on Android.
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Right now, you’re not getting emails on android, right?

Then here’s how to fix it when you stop receiving emails on Android. I recently encountered this error while waiting for an email. The sender already sent the email, but somehow, I’m not getting or receiving it in my inbox.

This article is helpful for everyone who uses Gmail as their primary email app; other than that, these steps can also be applied to any other email service.

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Why am I not getting my emails on my Android phone?

There are primarily two main reasons which cause this error. Below are the errors. However, I’ll also tell you how to fix it.

  1. Email Synchronisation was turned off.
  2. Internet problem.

These are two main reasons, but there could be a smaller version of it, like; if someone sends you a PDF or a file attached to it.

Fix Not Getting Email (Gmail) Android; 4 Easy steps to fix not getting emails on your phone are

Now going to show you all the required steps to follow when the email is not received on android. All the steps are tried & tested.

1. Turn On Email Sync

Firstly, turn on email synchronization on email client apps like Gmail, outlook. I’m taking the example of a Gmail app on android. The steps are pretty much the same in most email client apps. 

Select main email id after getting into settings

Synchronisation settings email app
  1. Open email app settings.
  2. Select “Sync”.
  3. Turn it On with Auto Sync.

What is Sync in Email?

Synchronization in email means it will compare all the folders in your email client/app with all the folders on email servers & Check whether it needs to import, delete, or move messages to other folders. Learn more about deleting gmail emails in bulk on Android.

2. Check the Internet

We often find that the Internet is on but not really working, so try to fix this first. Here’s a quick tip: Toggle on & Off airplane mode.

Aeroplane mode on and off

3. Hard Refresh

To do a hard refresh, First of all, Open the EMail app and refer to the homepage or main email area where usually all emails appear. Then get into mobile app settings & select the email app (Gmail etc.) Now Clear its cached data. Then reopen the email app.

refresh to send queued emails gmail

This will hopefully solve your query; Even you can follow this whenever you stop receiving emails or do not get any emails at all.

4. Re-Receiving OR Rechecking

Here’s a deal: whenever an email is not received, try to tell them to send it again or tell them to check whether it was sent.

Often people who send any attached file with an email app don’t dent in one click, most of the email stays in the outbox for a specific time, but if the sent closes the email app, it will not be sent. So, I already created a guide for it if email stays in the outbox what to do.

These are the four main steps to follow when not receiving emails on your phone. Moreover, you can follow this guide for any smartphone like Samsung, Hawaii, iPhone, or Android.

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