5 Best Offline Android Games 2022 (Enjoy without Internet)

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Who don’t play games, from children to elder everyone likes playing games. But, today we are not talking about indoor or outdoor games which come under physical activity. We are here to talk about those offline games, which can be played on our Android devices.

There are so many games out there in the market like action, battle royale, strategy and many more games. In all these genres the most popular one is battle royale, this genre became so popular after the arrival of pubg mobile.

Best Offline Games for Android

So, In this article, I am going to show you some of the best offline games for Android that can entertain you.

1. Eternium: Best offline shooting game

Eternium Game

When it comes to gameplay, if you are one of those people, who really like to play games which have a good interface and easy to play, then you should definitely eternium. 

I know that many of you definitely know about this game and many of you have tried it too. This game is a very famous action role-play game(RPG) with millions of downloads in the play store and also It is the Editor’s Choice in Playstore. This is also known as mage and minions.

This game has good graphics and smooth gameplay. In this game you’ll have mystical powers with those powers you have to kill the zombies and demons.

You should collect loot to boost up your energy and also to level up. This game is developed by Making Fun

But, if you heard and never played this game. Then, you should give this game a try, at least once.

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2. Dead Dawn

Dawn of the dead

Dead dawn is a new game with 10k or higher downloads on play store. This game is developed by Unity engine which is a very big company and it is still under alpha state, so you can see some decent graphics in it. 

The game will receive new updates and this game can be improved a lot in future with new weapons and modes. 

The Dead Dawn game is an open world game, where you have to survive. This game has a good concept and if you are looking for a good survival game, then you will like this game.

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3. Payback 2: Best offline action game 

Payback 2

Payback 2 is the best offline action game that you can play right now from your mobile device and it is an action game with a typical open world feel it sounds like some kind of GTA.

A short and sweet description of this game:

Payback 2 includes everything from tank battles to high speed helicopter races to huge gang battles – but you really have to try it to get a feel for how much variety there is, and we’re adding more all the time!

If you are an open world games Sick then you must go with the payback 2 because it will give you an exact feeling of GTA in your mobile device with stunning graphics according to its size. 

Here is the twist that this game is the best offline game under 100mb. And that’s insane. The game is about a hundred MB and the graphics and the multiple combinations of missions makes this game more exciting and interesting to never get bored. Check out: 6 Best Farming Games for Android

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4. Roaring Racing: Best offline racing game

Roaring Racing game

Racing games is best offline racing game and it is very popular all over the world. Every gamer who plays games will have definitely played a racing game at least once in life.

Even though racing games are popular. But very few are having decent graphics and have a good concept. 

When it comes to offline the chances for a good game becomes more difficult and it is hard to find a good offline racing game

Roaring racing is a game which is offline and has good looking gameplay. In this game you’ll find various types of cars, which you can buy them and you have to race with other cars.

You’ll have a booster to boost the speed of your car and many more attractive equipment you’ll find in this game. This game can entertain you when you are feeling bored.

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5. Project offroad

Project off-road

Do you love to ride vehicles and are you a fan of simulation games? 

If so, then the game project offroad is for you. This is a simulation game, where you’ll be having a vehicle and the load is kept in it. You have to reach your destination with that load. 

But it is not that easy. There will be  many obstacles on your way, which will try to make you lose. But, playing this game with all those challenges is great fun. 

This game is available on playstore, so you can easily download this game.

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Here is what to do next..

At this moment everyone has a different way to see these offline games like Someone will say I like Roaring Racing and some will say we like Payback 2 but the actual question is: Which game do you like the most? That you can play on your android device even without internet/Offline.

Conclusion: Offline Android Games

In this article, I have shown some of the best offline games which are available on playstore. Some of these games are much popular and some are not that popular as much as they. These are the best offline games for android which can be played on your android devices.

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