OTP Not Receiving? Here’s How to Fix Now Getting OTP in 5 Easy Steps

In every digital transaction or forgotten password resetting password there is one of the most demanding things which is a one-time password so-called OTP. It is so frustrating when you haven’t received OTP. Although I had also faced this issue, my OTP had not been received for a long time. 

Receiving OTP is a necessary process when you are making online payments or you are resetting something very useful. It’s a kind of security challenge. Just like Google, Google has its captcha which verifies if you are a human who is using their services or a bot. 

If you are not receiving OTP/OTP not coming then today in this article I am not teaching you how to fix the OTP error and get OTP instantly when you request it. 

Fun Fact: There were several times when we requested OTP continuously but OTP was not received and after a few minutes there was a boom. Now 4-5 OTPs come at the same time but now they are not useful. 

Why OTP is Not Receiving?

One of the major reasons behind Why OTP is not received is a failure in SMS configuration, a typical network problem, smartphones cache problem. Moreover, this could be due to server errors or from the sender’s side. 

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How to Fix OTP Not Received? | Easy Solution for Not Getting One Time Password

Now let’s see how to fix OTP not coming or OTP not received. 

1. Clear Cache 

Many times I have seen that because of the cache data you won’t see the new OTP messages because old cache data displays. 

Clearing Cache of Messages App

So whenever you won’t receive OTP that could be due to the cache data of the messages app. To fix it you can just long tap on the app > App Info > Storage > Clear the Cache. Now you will get the received One time password. 

If you didn’t get through it, this guide is completely on clearing cache data of any Android app. 

2. Check Connection then Fix it 

Many times we are thinking there is a problem on our end or maybe on the Senders and who is sending you the one-time password but you are not receiving a one-time password. 

Restart Phone

The main culprit of this whole instance is the network provider because of low network signals this issue might be created when you are not receiving the OTP but OTP has been sent. To fix this error and to receive a new OTP you have to turn on airplane mode and restart your smartphone. When your smartphone starts again, turn off the airplane mode and request another OTP and this time you will get the one-time password. 

This is one of the things that I recommend to everyone who faces some kind of network issue whether their 4G LTE symbol is not showing

3. Check Your Telecom Plan 

This happened to me many times in India. There is a policy of a few telecom companies. Where when you don’t have an active plan on your sim most probably you won’t get any one-time password. Even this sounds true in other countries though. 

If you are thinking about why OTP is not receiving on Airtel or why OTP is not receiving on jio/vi. Then first of all check whether you have an active plan on your own or not. 

For instance, when I was in the market and making a payment, suddenly the payment app asked me to enter the send OTP because I made the payment through my Visa Card. Now I waited for 10 to 15 minutes but still did not receive OTP. Then I tried this, I recharged my sim and after that when I requested again I received my OTP password. 

4. Lastly, Reset Network 

Don’t be worried when I told you to reset the network, that only means you have to reset your internet settings which will reset all your SMS default configuration, your internet config, and APN. 

Reset network settings to fix hotspot not working

These things are the default when you reset them your current network provider will automatically install them or be installed by your sim but that is sure that it will be installed automatically you don’t have to perform any manual actions after resetting. However, if you are worried you can read this article on what happens when I reset network settings. 

Now here I am mentioning another method that you could use from one of our competitors carlcare.

Both of us have the main motive to help you and in this article, we are helping you to fix OTP not receiving errors. So below is a screenshot that you could read and I had also mentioned the numbers that he mentioned in this article. I am also linking here. You can read it also. 

  • MTN : +234803000000
  • Airtel : +2348020000009
  • 9mobile : +234809001518
  • Glo : +2348050001501

I hope you found this article useful and it will help you to figure out why you are not receiving the OTP and how to fix it. 

By the way, let me know in the comments. Have you ever received 5 to 10 OTP at a single time? 

I am waiting for your comments don’t forget to mention it by the way. It’s me, Kunal, the founder of backdroid.com. I hope this article will be helpful for you and have a nice day. See you again not with the problem but as a friend. 

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