5 Best Parental Control Apps for Android 2022 [Free]

The moment when you reach here, I know that your Kid, brother-sister is using their phones all the time and you want to change their habits Right or Want to monitor their activities with Parental Control App.

In fact my Cousin sister is using his Smartphone all the time, I tell her parents to control this, Otherwise it will be overloaded then They tell me to suggest any Parental Control App for this year 2021.

Then I suggest these Best free parental control apps to them and Now I’m suggesting these free parental control apps.

Let’s dive in: with Best Parental Control Apps 2021

1. Norton family Parental Control app 2021

Norton family Control app 2021

This is the all in one free parental control app, You can easily manage your kid’s phone’s screen time for an illustration: If you kid is using phone in night you can set a block timing like, From 8P.M to 11P.M, In this timing they will not able to use their phones.


You can remove these schedules and set new ones easily; it’s not that complicated.

Download this App

If you think that these apps are genuine or not? Let me tell you that all the apps are genuine and the data is also safe.

But for you here a Parental Control app by Google and “Google equals Trust”. Do you know That “You are my Trust”, Glad to know that you are still reading that means you are a Great PARENT.


Here is the 10 Best Apps for Students that every student must have!

2. Google Family Link – Best free parental control app 2021

Google Family Link for Parents
For Parents Device

Google is a Trustworthy company and we can believe him.

Their apps are completely free to use like this one; Google Family Link this app has more than 10 Million downloads and used by most of the parents from India, UK and U.S.A.

  • It is the Best free parental control app of 2021
  • Most trusted app, Your data is Safe
  • Control their Screen time and Usage of any app(Youtube, Instagram, Whatsapp)
  • Remotely access their phones and also you can lock their phone.

There is Bonus features of “Tring-Tring” let me explain you: Basically sometimes kids hidden somewhere in house to use their phones privately or they forget their phones where they placed it, then this Feature so called “Tring-Tring” will help you to find that out by playing ringtone or any tune in that phone.

There are 2 apps provided by Google one for Parents and second for your children’s Smartphones.

Google Family Link For Child or teens
For Child’s phone

This is the complete video how to setup Google Family Link: 

In English:

How to setup Google Family Link in English

This app for parents:

Download this App

This is for your kids phone

Download this App

Wait…. A minute 

These Are the Best Apps for Students that your child can have.

3. Mobile fence Parental Control App (Screen time)

Mobile Fence Parental Control app

Mobile fence Parental Control App will help your children from accessing harmful content from websites, apps, games Etcetera.

But wait….. there is biggest Con that this app is not completely free, it is free for the first 30 days for trial and then you have to pay for this app. There is another con it’s rating is just 2.8 because it is rated by all the childrens whose parents using this

“Best Parental Control app for Android 2021”

I personally recommend you to go with Google family link because it’s completely free and there is no trial.

But there are lots of advanced features in this app like; you can read the chats of your children, you can see what your childrens are watching on YouTube and  which website they surf on the internet.

Download this App

4. Family time- Best free parental control app for Android

Family time - Best Parental Control app 2021

Family time will help you to monitor your children’s all the time remotely. and You know what this has a star rating of 4 and used by 1 million+ parents, and their service is fast enough if you have any query when you call them and they will solve your query in 24 hours.

Parental control app 2021

Let me show you some of the best features of this Free Parental app:

  • Schedule the usage of any app or internet
  • the panic SOS button if your son is in problem then he just presses a button and the location will automatically send to you.
  • There is another feature called safe driving, this feature is really helpful. By using this feature you will get the speed of your kid’s vehicle.

If your kid is a teenager then you must use this app because most teenagers drive fastly.

Download this App

5. Safe lagoon Parental Control app (Advance AI)

Safe lagoon- Parental Control app

Safe Lagoon is one of the best parental control apps with an advanced AI feature.

But! It’s not completely free you have to pay for some features like- Social media control for couples of Dollars.

In my opinion this is a Complete package for parents, They can set tasks for their children like- Clean your room, get 10 more Minutes to use youtube and etcetera.

Download this app

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Here is a Video to setup this app:


Conclusion on- Best Parental Control Apps 2021

Every parent must use these Parental Control apps because now a generation is using their smartphones every single minute of the day. And wasting their time on this technology gadget they got.

In fact I know so many of my friend’s brother-sisters who are wasting their time on YouTube, Instagram Etcetera.

But I recommend you to use any of these Parental Control apps for 2021 because if you use these apps there is a lot more possibility that your child will succeed in their life and become a big personality or a big name.

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