People Can’t Hear You On Calls? Here are the Best Fixes

Learn How to Fix people cant hear me on my phone. Why Callers can't hear you. The 5 Easy Solutions to Fix Microphone.
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Repeating the same thing, again and again, can be annoying when people can’t hear you on calls. 

If you’re facing this issue where you called someone or received the call

You can hear everything that they are saying other people can’t hear you. This Question Stumbled into our mind: “when I call someone they can’t hear me”. Today I have some simple solutions which can fix this issue permanently. Believe me, these steps are really useful to fix people that can’t hear you on your phone. 

This might happen: If you are thinking about the reasons why people can’t hear me on my phone then here’s the answer. 

Why Can’t People Hear Me On My Phone Calls? 

Every smartphone has a microphone near the charging port, which is responsible for transmitting your voice to another person. Also, it is responsible to record voices. 

If people hear you on calls then this could be due to dust or foreign particles. Which clogged the voice. So they can’t hear your voice and even you can’t record it. 

Let’s see what are the solutions or fixes that you can follow. 

Try This When You Call Someone and They Can’t Hear You 

Here’s how to fix a microphone that can resolve your problem instantly. Even I feel trepidation when trying something new. But you don’t need to feel it. Also Read: How to Convert Voice to Text; Learn Here.

Use Vacuum To Suck Foreign Particle 

As I already mentioned, if others can’t hear you on calls or you can’t even hear your voice in recording then it means there’s something in the Microphone hole. It might be dust or any particle. 

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To remove the particle you can use a vacuum to take out the dust from the microphone path hole. You can use any small vacuum cleaner to remove it. 

Don’t Try this! 

Many people who don’t have a vacuum will try to poke a toothpick, or SIM ejector to remove any dust or other particles. I don’t recommend using it. 

This may lead to permanent damage to the phone hardware or can damage the microphone. Don’t try to poke any sharp object into the path hole of the microphone. Also Try When Water Went into the phone.

System Update 

If you are still facing the issue and the microphone is still not working then update your system’s software. Because sometimes there’s a bug that has been reported to the brand by the consumers. That’s why the brand releases any software updates to fix all the bugs and errors which are created because of their software optimization. 

So, Update your smartphone if there’s any update available. 

If updates are not available then try the next method. 

Restart Your Smartphone 

Restart Phone

Restarting can fix most of the system errors quickly and easily. In the tech era, usually, people don’t restart their smartphones even after a few months. 

If your microphone is not working properly, callers can’t hear you then restart your phone at least 2 times. Then again make a call and see if the issue is gone or not.  

On that note let’s move on to the last and ultimate method. Which I recommend to everyone if nothing works. 

Visit Any Repair Shop 

If luck is still not in your team then visit any repair center tell them what your problem is? And when you started facing it. That’s how you could help them to understand why the microphone is not working. 

Then they will take further steps to fix it. If we are not professional we can’t just take a screwdriver and open the phone’s hardware. 

Everyone has their expertise in something, maybe you have expertise in something. Someone has the expertise in other stuff. 

That’s it for the Tutorial. Today I mentioned some of the reasons why others can’t hear you on calls although I had mentioned some actionable steps to fix this. 

Let me know in the comments What is your expertise is? 

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