Why is my phone dying so fast? The Exact Reason!

Why is my phone dying so fast? This question is being asked by Jay Shetty! Recently I was tagged on Instagram and asked this question. I have been facing this phone’s battery dying so fast for a few days. 

So in this article, I am going to tell you why phones are dying so fast, the reasons and solutions

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I had already made a few articles on the Android lag issue or to increase charging speed but this time it’s completely different. 

Phone Dying So Fast, Why?

Let’s get started with the answer to your question: why is my smartphone dying so fast? 

There are three main reasons which are the real culprit behind the phone’s battery dying too fast! 

  • Multiple background running applications 
  • Sometimes it might be a hardware problem
  • This could be due to various turn-on services like location Bluetooth hotspot Wi-Fi. 

However, there are a few more serious reasons. But mainly smartphones whose battery is dying fast have found these three things. 

3 Reasons Why Your Phone Battery Dying Fast

Sometimes the phone user uses multiple applications together or does not close background running apps. 

Secondly, the thing which I found is a hardware problem. Suppose your smartphone is charging or charging in reverse. This is known as a hardware problem. 

At last third thing is multiple turned-on mobile services like you have done on your Bluetooth, Wi-Fi location, auto-brightness, etc. Turning on all multiple services can increase your battery consumption, resulting in smartphone batteries that won’t last long. 

But the good news for you. We have already made an article on charging smartphones 10x speed and however, you can watch the below web story. 

Many of you might be thinking about what you should do when your phone dies too fast or your phone’s battery is not working properly. 

Try these 3 Ways to Fix Phone Dying So Fast!

There are three things that I suggest you do. I had practically tried all these three things and worked for me and even for my friends.

  • Clearing all the junk files from your phone, and removing unwanted applications from background processing. 
  • Turn off unwanted services when not needed. 
  • Update your system software. 

Updating this system software is another great step towards mobile dying faster. 

How An Incident That Taught Me a Lesson

For instance, one of my father’s friends came to me and just told me that this Smartphone has started lagging and the battery is not working or not lasting longer. What should I do? 

They came to me just because I am writing content and they also knew this thing. 

Ok, so when they came to me and what I figured out is this Smartphone system needs the update. Moreover, the update notification is showing for weeks. 

But uncle didn’t want all these kinds of updates; they just wanted their phone to call somebody or to see WhatsApp status. 

So what I did at that time was just update their smartphone’s system software and that resulted in the permanent solution for phones dying fast.  

If your phone is dying too fast, chances are the issue can be quickly fixed by clearing out excess data stored or clearing the phone’s cache, and removing any unused apps. A phone may require a system update to get it back up to speed, although older phones may not be able to run the latest software properly. 


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I hope I can solve your query about why my phone is dying too fast. 

Let me know in the comments if it works for you. Have a nice day and thanks to Jay Shetty for asking the wonderful question. 

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