Phone is Glitching? Here’s the Reason, Steps to Fix it

Learn Why is phone glitching? Here's the reasons; with solutions to fix. Easy to follow. Fix Phone Glitch; Android & iOS.
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If your phone is glitching then you are not alone? There are many people out there nearby whose phone is glitching continuously and there could be a few reasons behind it. 

Here’s the comment I get on my website is “hey Kunal I have read a few tutorials of that you have written it sounds too cool and works can you tell me why is my phone Glitching too much whenever I open my smartphone unlock it starts Glitching why it is happening can you please help me”

Phone is Glitching

Above is the comment that I got on this website. In this article, I am gonna break down what are the reasons why the phone is glitching and how to fix it instantly. Also, you can follow this tutorial on any smartphone’s operating system whether it’s Android or iOS. Remember this article is a part of a how-to guide

The Phone Glitch?

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Restart Phone Several Times 

Many times I have found that people want to restart their smartphones even in 6 months. Restarting your smartphone can solve all of your problems whether it is your smartphone lagging or your smartphone slowly charging

Because whenever you restart your smartphone all the cache and the temporary data that is stored on your smartphone will be automatically cleared. Moreover, by restarting a smartphone you are closing all the apps at once and restarting your operating system. 

This thing can fix your smartphone glitch problem. So you just need to restart server times in a month and you should restart right now. By the way, don’t forget to bookmark this article before you move anywhere. 

Disable Auto-Brightness 

Auto brightness is one of the useful features but when it comes to smartphone glitching this is the cause. Because when the phone’s sensors are used to detect the light to automatically increase or decrease the smartphone’s brightness this thing happens. 

So when your smartphone starts glitching don’t forget to disable auto turn off the auto-brightness feature on your smartphone. I know it’s a useful feature but when it comes to smartphone health or smartphone glitching problems then you should disable it right now. 

Update the System 

Many times I have found people that are not updating their system OS. Sometimes this causes the phone to glitch. Phone glitching is one of the worst scenarios that could ever happen with your smartphone. Because when your smartphone is glitching you can’t even use it and can’t even make any calls. 

Even one of my uncles whom I admire most did not update their Smartphone, after a few months they came to me and told me that the smartphone started glitching “What to do, please fix it soon”. The only step that I did was restart the smartphone once and update the System operating System. 

So, Update your smartphone right now to make sure your smartphone stops glitching. 

Uninstall Modified Application

Although I’d find this when people install modified applications or mod Apps Into their smartphones, this thing can be very dangerous when it comes to privacy. 

Modified apps are the apps that are being developed or modified by some group of people to unlock new features in the app. I know it sounds cool when you can have a lot of great features without paying any cost but it can be dangerous and can cause smartphone glitching problems as soon as you install the app. 

So to fix the phone glitching problem you need to uninstall any recently installed or modified application that is available for paid in the app store Play store but you have downloaded free from the internet. 

Update Apps 

Updating your installed apps can also be a useful step when it comes to glitched phones. If your phone has started Glitching recently then you should update all your apps. 

Because when technology is continuously evolving and the smartphone is stagnant, apps will stop working and your phone will start glitching. 

Ok so that’s it for the tutorial today I had mentioned a few steps that you could follow if your phone is leaching and you can fix and adjust by following five simple steps that I had mentioned in this article.

I’m from and I am Kunal Kashyap, the founder of this website don’t forget to follow us on social media and let me know in the comments what you think about it. 

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